The Etsy Guide … Pimp My Pants

The Etsy Guide … Pimp My Pants

I love lingerie!
I’m sure that won’t come as a great surprise to my regular readers … I am, quite frankly, obsessed.
I have a lingerie wardrobe that hangs all my beautiful pieces and I’m continuously lusting after the latest range from What Katie Did, Harlow and Fox, and Mimi Holiday by Damaris.
However, finding lingerie to fit the girls is often troublesome.  Bras and pants in luxurious lace and silk aren’t too much of a problem to find.  However, the kind of item that is only made to wear in the bedroom … that proves troublesome.
Desperation rife,  I’ve turned to Etsy where the option to buy customised pieces in made-to-measure sizes seems to come as standard.
Over the next few weeks I’ll be show casing some of my favourite sellers and the wonderful items they make.  All items are handmade in Britain and are, quite simply, lust worthy!

Promise Collection

 Pimp my Pants

As the name suggests, Pimp my Pants is devastatingly playful – I mean, how could it not be with such an amazing name?
There is a wonderful duality to the collection which is at once timelessly vintage and uniquely modern.  The range is sophisticated with that wicked streak of humour – I feel I would be flashing the pants whenever wearing them outside of the bedroom as every item of this range just screams out to be seen (and touched)!
Rouge Kimono
All items are lovingly handmade by Ellen Bowman at her home in Southsea, Hampshire.  Ellen’s love of lingerie is evident from the moment you enter her site.  Her bio speaks of the ‘hour upon hour’ she’s spent ‘experimenting with various technique, fabrics, patterns and sewing machines, because’ she ‘wants to be able to make the most beautiful lingerie in the world.’
Black Dog Collection
The Pimp my Pants range currently comes in sizes XXS – XXL (that would be a size 6 through to a size 16).  However, when speaking with Ellen she has assured me that she will make any size requested for the majority of her items.  The only exception to this is underwired bras – but she is looking into how to make the fuller figured cups and will definitely be in touch when these are available.  Who know, maybe she’ll allow me to be her guinea pig?
There will also be no extra charge for large items – I did a small cheer of joy when I heard this.  The only additional cost will be for customisation.
Songbird Collection
One of the most remarkable things about this range is that Ellen is only 19!  Just think how remarkable this range will become as she grows, learns new techniques and expands this already beautiful range …
Hollywood Collection
The Pimp my Pants Etsy store can be found here – do take a look as I’m sure you will find a special piece to treat yourself!
Now, the only question that remains is which item to buy for myself?

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Charli also loves gin!

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  1. February 1, 2015 / 11:54 am

    I never even considered Etsy for underwear! I love the lace and bow design on the first pair, gorgeous!

  2. February 14, 2015 / 1:35 pm

    I didnt even know you could buy underwear on Etsy!! I absolutely adore the bow on those briefs! xxx

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