Breaking all the *ahem* rules!

Just a short post from me today where I break all of the rules – I wear short shorts WITH stripes!


And guess what – no one died from shock at my bulging hips and thunder thighs!

I got these scallop-edged beauties from Primark for about £3.  This is shocking on so many levels – 1) you can buy clothes for £3????  2) I went to Primark AND SURVIVED!
The shorts are size 16 and fit me very well.  I do have to be careful that they don’t creep upwards are reveal a cheeky bum cheek though!
I paired them in these shots with my ASOS Bardot body and my favourite YSL sunglasses (they’re never far from me head).


They’re prefect for this heat wave we’re experiencing and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of these this summer!
Are you wearing short shorts this summer?

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