We all have them – those dirty little secrets that lie hidden at the bottom of your underwear draw! The bra with bent hooks, ill fitting cups, or worn straps that, for some inexplicable reason, we can’t quite bring ourselves to get rid of.  We even wear it sometimes (when no-one is likely to see). The lovely ladies at Simply Be contacted me asking me to talk about my own hidden lingerie atrocity – my very own Bra-Humbug!

There is no mystery as to why I can’t get rid of this beautiful Gossard set – it was my wedding lingerie, worn beneath my beautiful gown and (at the time) capable of supporting me through some very rigorous Ceilidh dancing.


As you can see, I have changed shape a lot lately.  Illness has meant I’ve lost weight and the swoop & scoop technique has meant that much of my misplaced breast tissue has migrated back to wear it belongs – in my boob!  This means I’ve gone from a 36/38FF/G to more of at 34/36H.


This bra is too big on my back, too small in the cup, pushes my boobs down towards my knees and has some strange bulging thing going on in material on the cup.  The straps are getting thread bare and the wiring is too wide.  Yet I can’t quite break with it … Do you have a Bra-humbug piece?


Luckily, the rest of my lingerie wardrobe is full of well fitting beautiful products that I don’t need to hide away!  IIf you’re looking to build a less, ahem, Bra-Humbug collection then do go check our Simply Be – they have some great options from amazing fuller figure brands like: Curvy Kate, Anna Scholz, Panache and Elomi?

Simply Be also offer some great lingerie advice over on their blog so do go check it out! 

3 thoughts

  1. I must admit, I am terrible for this! None of my bras fit me properly. I have a large back size and a small cup size, so I'm too small in the cup for most plus size ranges so I make do, I need to get properly measured and sorted out! xxx


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