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At the end of the year I tend to like to look back at all the highs – the achievements I’ve made, the places I’ve been, the things I’ve done.   Unfortunately, this year has been overshadowed with something that has completely devastated me.  I’m sure there were good things happening this year, but I’m unable to see them as my thoughts are so clouded.

Instead, as the year draws to an end, I want to look forward to 2016. Sophie, of Busy Little Fee, suggested a few of us sit down and right ourselves some goals – some things we’d like to do or achieve in 2016 and so the idea of 16 in ’16 was sprung.

Apologies in advance for the length of this post – it seems I have a lot to say!

Put more time aside for my art & creativity

watercolour drawing of woman by Curvy Girl Thin

I have always been artistic, I spent a lot of time in the art rooms at school and have always felt sketching and drawing to be the greatest therapy of all.  However, I drifted away from this during university and stopped drawing altogether after starting a full time job – creativity just wasn’t a priority.

Whilst recovering, both emotionally and physically, from events earlier in the year, I picked up pencil and paper and began sketching again.  I loved it, and found it the greatest therapy.  In 2016, I will spend more time embracing this hobby and I’ve even signed up for a printmaking course that begins in February and have intentions of joining a life drawing class.

Expand my blog

chickpea and feta soup by Curvy Girl Thin

I love fashion but that is only a part of me.  I also love food and spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I plan to blog more about the food I cook and the recipes I try.

I also want to talk a little more openly about my life and my opinions, the bloggers that I love and admire and who inspire me do this as well as posting pictures of pretty dresses.  To allow me to make these changes I’ve set up a lifestyle & food section on my blog and moved to WordPress which will give me great flexibility over how I want to present my posts – I hope you like it so far!

Master a Panna cotta

I’ve seen these go so terribly wrong so ofter on Masterchef, but this year I will master the Panna cotta – they are my favourite desert and I will guzzle as many as possible this year!

Get back on a horse – and stay on!


I was practically born on a horse – but university, a full time job, and living in the most expensive place to live in the UK means that I haven’t ridden properly for over 7 years.

After my huge head and spine operation when I was 18, I was lucky enough to have a safe (if slightly nutty) horse to get back on.  I honestly believe he saved me from depression and I healed quicker physically because I had a reason to push myself.

I’m currently on crutches and getting terrible headaches and dizzy spells after another operation went a little wrong but my physio thinks riding will help and so this year I will get back on a horse – now I just need to find one locally!

Play more board games – I really enjoy them!

There’s even a board game cafe in Oxford that I may need to try out – anyone want to join me?

Finish my wedding photo album

Handmade wedding photo album by Curvy Girl Thin

I got married 18 months ago – my wedding album is still not finished and I haven’t printed half the pictures I want.  I will finish it this year – preferably before my 2nd wedding anniversary!

Take more time with my blog posts – proof reading would be a start!

A good friend pointed out the number of typos and the sheer amount of appalling grammar/spelling mistakes in my posts.  As a nod to her, I will spend more time constructing and then proof reading my posts. Hints on any missed errors are gratefully received!

Read more

I set myself a task of reading the Man Booker prize long list each year-  in 2016 I will complete the 2014 one, if not the 2015.

I need to stop getting distracted by re-reading Pratchett and Harry Potter books!

Beat my eczema – it’s driving me insane!

Curvy Girl Thin beauty products

I have the most awful eczema – it has been worse lately with all the stress and ill health.  In 2016, I will kick it to the curb.  I’m trying new products that are supposed to help and will even cut out dairy if I need to.

Although resisting cheese will be very very hard – the odd piece won’t hurt right?

Reduce waste in my life

Do I really need 20 different body moisturisers?  Should tights not be washed instead of discarded?  Could old clothes not good enough for the charity shops become dusters?  I don’t know but I’m certainly going to try!


Finally begin writing my novel – 10 years after beginning the research for it!

I had an idea when I was 14, I started researching it in earnest when I was 16 … I’m now 26 and have a 3 book story line and but no actual prose.  God knows where I’ll find the time but the first chapter will be written in 2016!


Keep my house tidier

This will also keep my husband happier as he spends most of his time clearing up my mess.

I’m domestically challenged when it comes to housework, perhaps I need some kind of rota that will force me into action?


Practice yoga/pilates daily


Multiple surgeries on my spine and tummy have taken its toll and I seize up far too easily – especially being sat at an office desk for most of my life.  I started doing Yoga early 2015 and want to increase this in 2016 to give my back the best chance of recovery possible.


Engage with twitter more


Curvy Girl Thin twitter

I left Twitter for a while – felt like it wasn’t worth the time – but I’ve actually missed the bugger.  I have met some amazing people on there and, with a little time and love, I think I can make Twitter work for me.

In early 2016 I’ll be clearing out all the drivel on my feed and taking some time to build up my account again.

Are you following me yet?  I’m @CurvyGirlThin


Experiment more with my style

Curvy Girl Thin in jingle bells t-shirt

I love slogan t-shirts and novelty items – yet I scarcely wear them.  I’m not sure why, perhaps I feel too grown up to walk around in a ‘Gin & Bear It’ tee …. no, I’m definitely not too grown up for that!

Anyway, this year I will embrace the novelty t-shirts and geekdom more (even if I do wear them with full on 50s skirts.


Be less stressed

This is a broad statement – and may seem a little ambitious.  However, I’m hoping that the previous 15 promises to myself will result in me being a little less anxious and a little more zen.

I will need to be as I have a potentially stressful few months ahead and will need all the calm and relaxation I can get.


Well done if you’ve made it to the end of this post – it is a long one!  Do you have anything you want to do/achieve in 2016? Some other wonderful bloggers have shared their 16 for 16 posts, give them  read:

Sophie, Kerry-Ann, Tanya, Katya, Daisy, Katt, Kitty, Lucy, Vicky, Cathy

C xx

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  1. December 31, 2015 / 11:00 am

    Love this. And as a 30-something girl who lives in geeky/slogan tees, and refuses to grow up I totally support your plan to wear more slogan tees. Love that you’ll team them with a full on 50’s style swing skirt. 🙂

    Happy new year. 🙂

  2. December 31, 2015 / 12:37 pm

    Slogan tees for the win!!! I love how these are totally attainable, but not boring or predictable. Looking forward to seeing you achieve these goals in 2016 <3

  3. January 1, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    I wish you luck in achieving your goals for 2016 and Happy New Year! I love slogan t shirts although can never find any in my size! 🙁 xx

  4. January 3, 2016 / 12:17 am

    I am so domestically challenged it really should have gone on my list, along with sewing lessons. This is a great list I wanna come round for pannacotta and board games

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