Shapewear review: Maidenform WYOB InchesOff Slip

Shapewear review: Maidenform WYOB InchesOff Slip

I promote feeling confident in your own skin, loving and embracing you lumps, bumps, rolls and wobbly bits.  But every now and again, even I need some help.

We all have them, those days when we just don’t want VBO (visible belly outline) and want to sculpt those bits we’re not so keen on.  On those days,  I reach for the shapewear.


Just before Christmas I decide to invest in some new shapewear as I’d been thinking of buying a wear-you-own-bra piece of some time.  I was fed up with existing pieces rolling down around my torso and creating a roll just below my bra.   I’d heard good things about the Maidenform WYOB InchesOff Black FullSlip so thought I’d give it a try.

Maidenform claim the slip offers ‘firm control for 360° of shaping – the Ultimate Firm Control collection’ and pledges to take inches off your silhouette.  Now, I can’t attest to taking off inches but it certainly does shape and smooth my assets to give an enhanced figure.

Maiden form WYOB InchesOff Slip - Review

I ordered the slip in XL (16/18) and my lord did I have to wiggle and jiggle to get into the thing.  The polymide/elastine material is smooth and very slim cut but does have stretch and, after struggling in and out of this a few time, I can now slip it on without quite so much grunting and huffing.

It comes with an under gusset that stops the slip from disappearing upwards around your waist.   The gusset is a great feature but for some reason Maidenform thought it would be a good idea to close the gusset with hook and eye clasping.  This makes going to the toilet interesting to say the least – trying to get them done back up when in a tiny toilet cubicle is not easy and I have definitely become more flexible in my shoulders since buying this piece.

Maiden form WYOB InchesOff Slip - Review

Although the majority of the smoothing does happen across my tummy and hips, I was surprised by the uplift of my booty.  I didn’t really think a simple slip would lift my bum, but it certainly appears too. My bum felt higher, rounder and firmer in the slip – I’m not going to complain!

It also really seems to emphasise my waist – this is by far my smallest area already but the slip seems to enhance this even further.  The only downside with this is that a lot of my dresses need the addition of a waist cinching belt to make up for the gap between cloth and my waist.

Maiden form WYOB InchesOff Slip - Review

Although the slip is rather restrictive at first, the material does stretch to fit your body after a few wears.  So much so that it passed the wiggle dance test without causing the slightest discomfort (for those who don’t know – the wiggle dance test is me doing my best impression of Beyonce).

My only bugbear with this slip is that, after time, it does cause a roll of fat to stick out around my bra and beneath my armpit.  This is easily rectified by the scoop’n’swoop (leaning forward and pushing any fat and misplaced breast tissue back into your bra) but this does need to be done every few hours through the night – which is a bit of a pain.

Maiden form WYOB InchesOff Slip - Review

The slip is priced at £40 on Simply Be and, given the amount I’ve worn it lately, I definitely think it’s worth the investment.  It makes a visible difference to my shape and, on the days when I’m not really quite feeling myself, this a huge help!

For reference, I’m wearing the slip with my Sculptresse by Panache Pure Lace bra* which I review here.  I’m not wearing any knickers as that just ruins the smoothing effect of the slip.

Outfit Details:

Maidenform WYOB InchesOff Slip – from Simply Be

Sculptresse Pure Lace Bra* – gifted for review but available at Simply Be

Gold Shoes* from New Look – now sold out but similar here


Have you tried any great shapewear lately?  I’d love to hear your recommendations!



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  1. January 13, 2016 / 2:14 pm

    How do your shoulders feel after wearing this all day? With the shapewear I currently use, between my bra and the shapewear straps, by the end of the day my shoulder muscles are killing me. I don’t have this problem with just a bra, so I’m wondering if it’s the shapewear I have….

    • January 17, 2016 / 8:53 am

      Hey, the straps did dig into my shoulders a little bit when I first bought this but I lengthened the straps and now it’s fine. I certainly don’t get discomfort from it!

      C xx

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