A Curvy Girl's Lingerie Essentials – The Neutral Toned Bra*

A curvy girl's lingerie essentials - the neutral toned bra

Welcome to part 3 of A Curvy Girl’s Lingerie Essentials and today I bring you a staple of my wardrobe – a neutral toned bra!

Now, before I start my review in earnest I do want to say one thing – brands and retailers alike who call bra’s “nude” does my head in.  My skin is not that insipid neutral colour they insist on calling nude – in fact, if someone was that exact colour then I would assume their not very well!  It is a very unnatural colour that doesn’t take into account real peoples skin tone, especially if you’re  a POC.

Right, rant over (kinda) and onto the review!

A curvy girl's lingerie essentials - the neutral toned bra

My go-to neutral toned bra of the moment is the Curvy Kate Daily Dream in Biscotti (please note that the gods that are the CK marketing team have not fallen into the nude trap).

The bra is a moulded balconette with some pretty amazing uplift technology that camouflages well beneath white blouses – I wear many of these for work so discretion really is key for me when it comes to a good neutral bra.

A curvy girl's lingerie essentials - the neutral toned bra

I’m wearing the 36H and it fits me pretty perfectly – the central gore sits flat against my chest and my boobs are nicely encased in the cups.  I will say that the left cup is a little big on me – I have quite wonky boobs and this always shows up a little more with a moulded bra.

The back band of this bra is firm and wide.  It has a little bit of stretch in it but not enough to warrant me sizing down to a 34 band so I’d say that it is fairly true to size.   The band closes with 3 hook and eye closures and sit quite nice and high under the arm pit-  I really like bras with this wide side band as it helps to encase my under arm fat and push it firmly into the bra cup where it belongs.

CurvyGirlThin copy 2

Appearance wise, this bra is very much a no frills kinda bra.  It is made for practicality but Curvy Kate designers have slipped in a little criss cross pattern across the band and a little bow or two on the straps.

Where this bra does wow, however, is in the shape and uplift it gives my boobs.  In this bra my boobs sit about an inch or two higher than normal and look incredibly rounded.  The fuller cup balconette shape also offers really great support and I have to say, this is by far the comfiest bra I own!

CurvyGirlThin copy

The bra is priced at £27 which I think is really reasonable for a staple bra like this that you really will wear time and time again.  In fact, I’m thinking of getting another one in this colour and perhaps one in black too!

The only thing I will say is don’t assume this will make a good t-shirt bra.  Although the cups are moulded they are also made from a three part construction so do not give the smooth, seam-free coverage of a t-shirt bra.

Outfit details:

Bra – Curvy Kate Daily Dream available at Simply Be*

Pants – Womens Nude No VPL Lace Top Shorts from Sainsburys

Cardigan – Khaki Split Side Midi Cardigan from New Look

Shoes – past season New Look (similar here)

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  1. March 3, 2016 / 1:29 pm

    that looks so good! I really need to get my lingerie sorted out, I really struggle, I have a big band size and barely any boobs to speak of!