The Panache Anya Bikini Review*

Panache Anya Bikini Review

If you haven’t already heard all about my recent trip to Budapest, then you’ve not ben reading my blog enough – or stalking me enough on social media – cause I’ve screamed and shouted it from the rooftops!

The main reason for heading to the Hungarian capital was for it’s spas.  After an incredibly stressful year, my best friend and I wanted ultimate relaxation – to lounging a pool and get a little pampering.  We achieved just that – and I had a little help along the way with this great Panache Anya Bikini that they kindly sent me for my little trip.

Budapest Travel Guide

I love the simple elegance of this bikini – it is pure class (with more than a little bit of support thrown in for good measure).

In the picture above I’m wearing the balconette bikini top and fold pant.  The bikini is made from an extra life Lyra fabric which means it is chlorine resistant so will maintain shape and colour holiday after holiday.

Now, I spent far too much time languishing in the pool and not enough time taking photos for my review so I took some in my spare room that will hopefully give you a better feel of the fit and style of this bikini.

Panache Anya Bikini Review

I was originally sent the 36GG of the balconette bikini but it was just a little tight and uncomfortable on my back so I’m wearing a 38GG here and it fits pretty perfectly.    This would suggest that the back bands aren’t the most generous so do consider sizing up with this style.   The folded pants are a 18 and fit perfectly.

As you can see, the bikini top has fairly full coverage and lifts the boobs nice and high but doesn’t give any added cleavage or shape to the chest. The cup are made from a four piece construction to really offer great support when moving – I can attest for the fact that my boobs did not move an inch when swimming!


The straps are wide spread and narrow as is the back band – I hate chunky straps and back bands on bikinis cause they really do not allow for productive tanning (regular reader will know and I’m a complete sun whore when it comes to tanning – I even tanned, albeit lightly, in Budapest in February).

The bra is closed with the standard bikini snap-clasp so is easy to fasten and fairly secure.

I was lucky enough to also be sent the matching bandeau bra which really is a complete delight!

Plus Size Parisian Chic-4

This is also a 38GG and is very secure on the back band – probably because the fastening on this differs from conventional bikinis.  The bra wraps around and fastens at the side of each boob, meaning that you get a crossover of back bands and double the support.  This is really helpful when wearing this without straps and means that the cups really stay up and don’t move around – no nipple slippage here although I probably wouldn’t suggest playing volleyball in this style!

You can see that this style doesn’t have quite the same uplift technology as the balconette when you wear it without straps but add a little strap support and my boobs do sit much higher.  I like the bare shoulder look though and will be putting this bikini to much sunbathing testing later in the year (I’m hoping Cornwall will be suitably mediterranean in June and, if not, I have Mallorca in September to look forward to).

Plus Size Parisian Chic-5

Again, the back band is fairly narrow which does mean I get a little bit of over spillage of back fat in this style but really, who cares?   Its for sunbathing right!

I love this bikini and I’m already thinking I may invest in the Anya stripe for a little bit of mix and matching!

A set in this style would cost around £50 but the classic shape and sophisticated palette means that you really would be able to bring this out the drawer for every holiday for years to come so is definitely worth the investment!


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  1. March 14, 2016 / 1:07 am

    Looking great Charli! Spa time sounds idyllic and that first image is divine. My Bloglovin’ is playing up as I’ve not been seeing your posts in my feed, so don’t think I’m a weirdo if I unfollow and refollow to see if it sorts it out. 🙂 xx
    Just Me Leah

  2. March 14, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    Love the bikini, very elegant and timeless! I especially like the bandeau top – you look like a brunette version of Marilyn Monroe in that one! 😉 xx