Panache Modelled by Role Models 2016

Panache Modelled by Role Models 2016

It’s refreshing when a brand’s marketing campaign actually get it’s right – too many brands focus on silly gifs that isolate one customer in order to get another onboard.  It’s frustrating to say the least.

Panache’s Modelled by Role Models, however, is all about celebrating women in all their diversity.  It celebrates models, therapists, paralympians, nurses, singes, and philanthropists – it celebrates those who go above and beyond to make a difference, those who stretch themselves just that little bit further in their everyday lives.

Modelled by role models

I have nominated my own role model already, Anne Dunham, a equestrian paralympian with multiple gold models to her name.  Anne overcomes the limitations of living with multiple sclerosis by getting on a horse and rising to the top of her game.   Seeing someone out there who refuses to let an illness beat them is incredibly inspiring and I really wish there were more women in the media that I can actually relate to on a personal level.

Anne Dunham - Panache Modelled by Role Models

You can read all about why I nominated Anne at the Panache blog!

You have until April 3rd to nominate your own role model at

I would really encourage you to do so – we need to see more inspirational women in the media, representing strong and powerful women everywhere and this campaign really brings extraordinary women, who often hide in the shadows, to the forefront.

And let me know below who you do nominate – I’d love to know!

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