Shooting with Pierre Lemond

I recently had the opportunity to model for the wonderful Perfect Princess Bridal (you can read all about it and see the preview photos here) and I loved every minute of it.  There’s something about getting your hair and make up done and then prancing about in pretty outfits that make modelling very fun (although also completely exhausting).

Now I’m not, and never will be, a pro model – I’m simply a little bit of an exhibitionist – so when my friend offered me the chance to go with her to a photoshoot day with London based photographers Pierre Lemond, I immediately set about practicing my poses and making a photoshoot inspiration album on Pinterest.


The day was fairly laid back, we sauntered into London, ate a huge breakfast burrito and then wandered down to the studios which were right next door to Shoreditch Town Hall.

The hair and make up artists, who specialise in magazine editorials and have worked at London Fashion Week for a few years, were fast, professional and quite wonderful at their trade.  They made sure my make up and hair were perfect between outfit changes and really understood my brief immediately.

The photography was great – talking us through poses and making sure we had fun – something that was helped by the mini bottles of champagne we were devouring courtesy of my Aunt Mary!

The day was great but the prices to buy photos at the end were really steep so, if going on a shoot day like this, be prepared to splash out if you want to walk away with any of the pictures.

I bought 6 of the 91 taken and prices are, typically, around the £60 per image mark.   You can see the bigger images, and any outfit details, below!


Plus Size Fashion photography

Outfit Details:

Black Bardot Bodycon Dress from ASOS 

Yummy Gummy Latex Belt in Blue Marble

Plus Size Fashion photography

Outfit Details:

Wacoal Embrace Lace Chemise from John Lewis

Curvy Kate Daily Dream in Biscotti from Simply Be

Tamara Bowler & Charlotte-48

Outfit Details:

Boohoo Plus Black Lace Body

Tamara Bowler & Charlotte-62

Outfit Details:

Boohoo Plus Black Lace Body

Tamara Bowler & Charlotte-79

Outfit Details:

Marks & Spencer Striped Bodycon Dress

Now, as you can see, the pictures are fun but not perfect! I noticed the flaws in the first two photos (the strange lights on the left of the front picture and the camera strap peeping out on the second) when I got my CD home.  I have since emailed Pierre Lemond to ask for these to be rectified or for me to get some money back  – I’ll let you know how that goes.

I do want to do more of these though – and there are some amazing people I’d love to work with like Chiara Aprea, Velvet d’Amour, and (of course) Kitty Wood.

What about you, have you had the opportunity to do photoshoots with any amazing photographers that I should add to my wishlist?

C x

7 thoughts on “Shooting with Pierre Lemond

  1. Wow!!! I never thought I could be more in love with you Charli than I already am, but my.. you blow my mind away. 🙂 When can I see you next so I can rest my eyes on your beautiful self for a while? 🙂 ❤


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