Illegal Cleavage with Tutti Rouge – Jessica Bra Review*

I seem to have a wardrobe full of bras in the inky tones of black, red, purple or vibrant peaches, oranges, and pinks.   However, I’m distinctly lacking in more neural toned under things – the type of bras that can be worn beneath white blouses and barely there camisoles during those elusive summer months.

Thankfully, Tutti Rouge were kind enough to send me their latest iteration in the Jessica range that this year comes in a soft blush and white lace colour that is perfect for wearing beneath those airy summer blouses.

Tutti Rouge Jessica Review

The Jessica bra is an soft cup plunge bra made from a three part cup construction that gives your boobs a really full and rounded shape.

I’m wearing the 36H – the central gore sits flat against my sternum but the band rides up my back and tips forward slightly after being worn for a new hours.  My boobs are safely encased and lifted in the cups but I can’t help but feel I should try a 34 or 36HH in this bra for a better and more consistent fit.

Tutti Rouge Jessica Review-5

I’m wearing the matching pants in XXL which fit pretty perfectly so would fit a size 18 (but probably not much bigger).

The bra is made from a light beige underlay with a stretch ivory lace overlay – the floral embellishments and polkadot detailing is really very beautiful and I feel a tiny bit baroque when wearing it.

The material is quite sheer though and is transparent under most lights.   The pants are made from the same stretch lace with a few of the beige modesty panels thrown in to stop complete scandal.

Tutti Rouge Jessica Review

Like nearly every other brand out there – they place a label bang smack on the ass crack for all to see – why?  Just why?  If you’re doing sheer pants, disguise the label elsewhere! PLEASE!!!

That said, I really like the briefs of the pants that aren’t so skimpy as other styles I’ve tried by them.  I’m hoping one day Tutti will bring out some high waisted pants to match their bras!

 Tutti Rouge Jessica Review

Now, the selling point of this bra is the claim to give illegal cleavage and comes with removal pads that slip into a side pouch contained on the inside of the bra.

The idea is to wear no pads for a natural, full and rounded look to the bra, 1 pad for a enhanced cleavage, and 2 pads for illegal cleavage wow factor.

I’ve photographed the bra with each of these steps, top left of the below image shows no pads, top right is 1 pad, bottom left is 2 pads.

Tutti Rouge Jessica Review - Illegal Cleavage Pads

Now, you can definitely see a difference with my boobs getting rounder with each added pad.  However, with the addition of the pads I felt I definitely needed to go up a cup size – I also felt like the edge of my boobs got bumpy and the pads are very visible.   They’ll be fine under looser fitting tops but I don’t think I would wear them with anything body con.

Tutti Rouge Jessica Review

The bra is priced at £38 and the pants £20.  There is also a matching suspender belt that costs £24.

Now, despite the slight fit issues, I do really love this bra and will be investing in a different size at a future date.  It’s a very elegant bra that will be great for so many occasions and I do like the shape it gives me.

You can buy the bra at Simply Be (in black and ivory) in sizes 34D – 38HH.


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