Tortz – The Anti-Chaffing Shorts*

Tortz – The Anti-Chaffing Shorts*

Last week saw a heat wave, getting me all excited that summer was here – queue floppy hats, barely there sandals, and annoying my neighbour by sunbathing in my skimpiest bikini (she likes to peer over the fence and glare at me whenever I take up residence on my sun lounger).

With the warmer also came the more-than slightly annoying issue of chub-rub, otherwise known as the irritating and often painful chaffing between the thighs.   There are many items that claim to help this – I tried Bandelettes last year – and this year Tortz kindly sent me a pair of their own anti-chaffing shorts to try.

Tortz - Anti-Chaffing shorts review

Tortz claim to be ‘a new anti-chafing lingerie range that prevent friction on the inner thigh. Designed to look good and feel comfortable, tortz use a high-quality silicone backing to secure the elegant lace bands preventing rolling. tortz are UK made and owned.’

I have to say, I’ve been wearing these to work for the past few weeks (my office is like a sauna right) and I am quite impressed.  They sit nicely against the thigh and don’t cause any discomfort, they stay nicely in place with no rolling or moving about and they don’t cause me to get sweaty or sticky.

Tortz - Anti-chaffing shorts review

The shorts are made from a heavy denier tight material with the lace bands feeling very much like the top of a pair of stockings.   They come up nice and high around my waist and sit mid thigh.

I’m wearing the size L which Tortz claim to fit 18-22.   Now I would dispute this.  I’m a size 16-18 and these fit me perfectly – they do have some stretch but I would love to know if a size 22 does find them comfortable enough to wear.   Size L is the largest that they do but they’re currently working on expanding the size range – unfortunately it won’t be until next spring but do keep an eye out as I do highly recommend.

Tortz - Anti-chaffing shorts review

The shorts are priced at £7.50 so are on the more affordable spectrum of the price scales.   The beige version has been worn 4 or 5 times and been run through the washing machine – they were durable and definitely worth the money.

Unfortunately, the black pair split at the under gusset on the 3rd wear but I was testing them with some bizarre lunging (maybe don’t do a gym class wearing them if you want them to last).

Tortz - Anti-chaffing shorts review

Do you have any anti-chaffing favourites?

Or will you try the Tortz?  I do recommend!




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  1. May 14, 2016 / 12:41 pm

    Cute dresss perfect for a hot summer day. I know that star prints like these are one of the trends this season. I like the sounds of these shorts btw, I know how uncomfortable it can sometimes be wearing clothes in the heat.

  2. May 15, 2016 / 7:05 pm

    I always wear these type of shorts (or bandelettes) in summer, can’t do without! Love the ones you’re wearing wtih lace, very cute.

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