I’m not a corset expert – I’ve only really ever delved into corsetry when stealing my Aunt’s bespoke Chinese printed corset for prom aged 18 (and the odd cheap eBay affair for fancy dress purposes when at university).   I’ve been a fit model for corsetry (aged 16 and too nervous to actually ask questions about the thing) – but have never had my own – until now!

Corset Story Underbust Corset Review - a Curvy girls foray into Corsetry*-5

Inspired by the beautiful Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and her array of corsetry photos, I decided that perhaps I should invest and the lovely people of Corset Story (Corset UK) were kind enough to send me an item from their core range to try out.

I decided to play it safe, and went for a classic Black Underbust with Contrast Brocade Hip Panel and Curved Hem. It’s pegged as a waist taming corset and designed to give up to a 4 inch waist reduction.

Corset Story Underbust Corset Review - a Curvy girls foray into Corsetry*

I’m wearing a size 32 which fits fairly well – going on their size chart, my waist (which sits at around 34 1/2 inches) sits firmly between the 30 and 32 whereas my hips, 46 inch, sit very firmly in the 32 size range.   I potentially could have dropped to a 30 inch but, as a corsetry novice, I felt happier sticking to the larger size as figured I wouldn’t be doing tight lacing anyway.

The length of the corset, however, is potentially a tad too short on my frame.  I do have a very long body and the hip panel sit quite far above my hips.   This is an off the peg corset so it was never going to fit perfectly and, as I have quite a large under belly, the effect is still very pleasing – I definitely have an exaggerated silhouette with cinched waist when wearing this.

Corset Story Underbust Corset Review - a Curvy girls foray into Corsetry*-4

Now, getting a corset on by yourself is difficult to say the least, and I spent quite a while heaving this ton together for this photos.  I’m sure it’s because I’m a novice and I will get better as time goes on.

Partly because of the effort this took, and partly because I didn’t have any help on hand to assist with making a semi-descent bow at the back, I’m wearing this relatively loosely laced and, as such, I haven’t gotten the 4inch waist difference promised by Corset Story.  However, I think after getting use to the corset (and with a friend on hand to ensure even lacing) I would easily get the 4inch waist taming promised and I’m excited to try this.

Corset Story Underbust Corset Review - a Curvy girls foray into Corsetry*-3

The corset is also incredibly comfortable – which I never expected.  I can move around quite freely in it (and have great posture – like AMAZING posture).  Dancing is funny (my middle part merely sways whilst everything else jiggles) but is still comfortable and I’m definitely not restricted as I expected – in fact, control pants restrict my just as much.

It is also incredibly beautiful, I love the brocade hip panels and satin overlay – the dining is sophisticated and the finish is really quite something – far more than I’d ever have expected from an off-the-peg corset.

Corset Story Underbust Corset Review - a Curvy girls foray into Corsetry*-6

This Black Underbust with Contrast Brocade Hip Panel and Curved Hem is priced at £85 so really rather reasonable for a well made, well finish corset.

Corset Story have many other beautiful items and I would definitely recommend trying one from their range if you’re looking for a beginners corset that will allow you to experiment with what suits you without breaking the bank balance.   I certainly know that I’ll be getting another soon as I love this Black Mesh Fronted Underbust corset and maybe also try a longer line number, like this Black Long Lined Pointed Underbust.

Outfit Details:

Black Underbust with Contrast Brocade Hip Panel and Curved Hem*

Curvy Kate Luxe Wired Multiway Bra 

Rochella Scarletta Briefs

One thought

  1. Wow a very detailed article, so glad to welcome another member to the waist training club. Personally I’ve learnt the most from Lucy’s Corsetry who has a YouTube channel too, she’s one of the most experienced corsetters on social media and will help you separate truth from myth. I wish you the best in corsetting and I know you’ll enjoy it.


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