Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall


I’ve just returned from a blissful week staying in Penzance, in south-westerly Cornwall.  Like all good British seaside holidays we had rain, wind, and sun a plenty.  We walked for miles, filled the holiday with sand bought back from the beach, and ate a heavenly amount of food.

Naturally, I thought it would only be fair to share the food with you!

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

Seafood Tapas at the Mackerel Sky Seafood Bar

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

Based in Newlyn, on the outskirts of Penzance, this tiny little seafood bar does the most amazing seafood taster plates.

The crab nachos (above, bottom left) were some of the tastiest damn nachos I’ve ever eaten – I’ll be trying to recreate them at home.  We also tucked into a delicious mini Mackerel burger made from local, warm, smoked mackerel on a slice of beetroot and a lashing of horseradish – it was served on a brioche bun and tasted divine.   I didn’t think I liked Mackerel until tucking into this.   We also ate half a lobster and a ton of crab claws (below, top left and top right).

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

We loved the food so much there that we booked for their parent restaurant, the Mackerel Sky Restaurant in Penzance for later in the week where we devoured a fish and cheese charcuterie board (above, bottom left) and fish tacos (above,bottom right).

You can’t book for the Seafood Bar so do go early – or be prepared to wait. And make sure to try the Cornish Beer – when in Rome …

Taster plates cost around £7 each but lobster is a little pricier.


Cream Tea at the Rockpool Cafe in Mousehole

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

Perched above the rockpools of Mousehole (pronounced more Mowzel and really the cutest village I came across), the Rockpool Cafe has a beautiful outdoor terrace looking across the sea.   It even has a beach hut if you need to shelter from the great British weather (there is also indoor seating is it’s really awful weather).

Now the prosciutto and brie open sandwich (above, bottom right) is delicious but the highlight is definitely the cream tea …

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall-3

The tea is severed in chintzy mismatched China, the big fluffy scone and little put of clotted cream, adorned with a strawberry, comes on a great big wooden board complete with a mini pot of jam.  It’s really a great cream tea and I would have happily gone back for more if time allowed.


Cornish Ice Cream at MooMaid in St Ives

A Foodie's Guide to South-West CornwallA Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

St Ives is busy through high season and finding a restaurant with a view can be difficult.  Instead, on a beautifully sunny day (yes, we do get a few of those in the UK) there is nothing better than a refreshing ice cream ….  and if it’s raining?   Well there’s nothing more British than sitting ion a beach, in your raincoat, licking ice cream from a cone!

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall-5

MooMaid was by far the tastiest ice cream I ate in Cornwall – and trust me, I ate a lot!  The salted almond was by far my favourite but the hubbies clotted cream ice cream with honeycomb pieces was also pretty luscious.    It comes in pots too – if you want to take some home for later.


 Philps Steak Pasty in Marazion

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall

Marazion is a very cute little town with a few cafes and gift shops but very little else.  It gather much attention being the town that sits opposite St Michaels Mount – a castle in the sky on a foggy day, or simply a castle on an island that can be reached on foot when the tide is out and by boat when it is in.

The steak pasties from Philps bakery, a tiny, almost nondescript bakery opposite the town hall, are seriously tasty.  Warm and moist with whole chunks of tender steak, these pasties are by far the tastiest I came across.  They come in regular and large, we had the large and it was more than a meal.  Delicious!

And the rest????  Well these were by far the highlights but a few other places …

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall-7

Whether you’re after steak, seafood linguine, tempura ray, or a wedge of brie, Ben Tunnicliffe’s Restaurant in Sennen Cove is definitely a place to visit.   Just be prepared to pay for parking!

A Foodie's Guide to South-West Cornwall-8

Love Burgers?  Then The Hub in St Ives has you more than covered.   It has beautiful views across the harbour and has a pretty impressive cocktail list too!

It also has wifi which is great if, like me, you run about of data googling places to eat!


Do you have any foodie suggestions for South West Cornwall?  If so, then do share in the comments!


C xx



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  1. June 30, 2016 / 7:10 am

    Next time you are down there, do take the time to head over to to Origin Coffee in Porthleven for one of the best coffees in the UK, Origin which is based in Helston has just sent one of their guys compete at the World Barista Chapionships.

    • June 30, 2016 / 7:25 am

      Oh, amazing! We did go into Porthleven but sat and ate fish and chips on the pier … Will definitely look out for the coffee shop if we go again though!