MORE by Bluebella – Iana Body Review

MORE by Bluebella - Iana Body Review

I seem to be having a lingerie moment … I have so many exciting and simply beautiful pieces to share with you over the next few weeks and I honestly struggled to decide which to share first!  They’re all just so scrummy!

Naturally, I solved this the only sensible way … eeny meeny miney moe!  Fate spoke, so today I’m sharing the MORE by Bluebella Iana Body.

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Bluebella launched in 2005 but didn’t really start appearing on my radar until earlier this year with the arrival of the MORE by Bluebella range –  coming in sizes 32-38 DD-G this is the brands first foray into fuller bust market.   Now the sizing range is still rather slim and I am, realistically, sized out of the range.   I normally wear a 34/36 H but, after reading reviews from the like of Two Cakes on a Plate I was convinced that the cups are generous so, with sister sizing, I may just be able to get away with it.

I was right!

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I’m wearing the Iana Body in a 38G and although the fit is be no-means perfect, it does still fit!   Reviews led me to believe that the band was firm so I definitely wanted to size up but the back band is a little loose on me and does have a tendency to rise up my back.  A 36 probably would have been the better fit but I think I would then have has a serious double boob going on.

The G cups are definitely generous – they’re a tad small on my H boobs but the material has a slight stretch that means my breast tissue is safely encased, if not fully uplifted.  If you are between cup sizes, I would definitely advise going for the smaller size.

I probably wouldn’t try to do any gymnastics for fear of slipping out – but the G cup fits well enough for its purpose (which may or may not include the kind of gymnastics where slipping out is allowed).

MORE by Bluebella - Iana Body Review

The back of the body is sheer with a large cup-out section – I do love a cut out back! The straps of very fine and the back band is enclosed with a 3-hook and eye closure.   It’s all very delicate and definitely designed for being shown.   It will look great with a backless dress or shirt.

The from it made from a sheer black mesh with sheer illusion panels in a soft peach that are matched by the peach mesh cups.   I’m a size 16-18 and the body has plenty of room.   There is a stretch to the mesh that means the is a lot of lee-way in the sizing and I feel like the body would fit a 20/22 easily.

MORE by Bluebella - Iana Body Review

I really like that the entire body is sheer yet it still skims and glosses the body – the illusion panels and very elongating and the curved lines really give an exaggerated hourglass feel.

I’m also slightly potty about the flash of a red bow buried in the cleavage – who doesn’t love a flash of red?

MORE by Bluebella - Iana Body Review

The body is priced at £40 which I think it quite reasonable for a body that really embraces the fuller figure and doesn’t hide beneath old fashioned and frumpy designs.   The body gives structure without being restrictive – it is sexy with out being overt – it is supportive and functional yet fashion forward in a way that very few DD plus brands are.

In fact, I love this body so much, but I’m debating buying the Delta!

Outfit Details

MORE by Bluebella Iana Body

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