ASOS Curve Shapewear Review

ASOS Curve Shapewear Review

A few months ago ASOS Curve launched a new shapewear collection – from bandeau and wear-your-own-bra slips, to control skirts and shorts with sheer or lace panels, the range looks really promising and comes in sizes 16 – 30.

Now I do love a little shapewear – some would say that makes me not body-positive, that I’m no embracing or celebrating my own figure but, to me, shapewear NEVER alters my figure!  Shapewear smooths, controls, or gives a feel of firmness to my wobbly bits but, lets faces it, material is never going to shape my body into something it is not.  You’d probably need a surgeons knife for that …

So, with my love of shapewear, I just had to check a few of ASOS Curve’s new range out …

ASOS Curve Shapewear Review

The ASOS Curve Control Lace Short

I’ve wanted some control shorts for a while now – ones that double up as anti-chub rub without looking too hideous when those Marilyn moments occur.   It’s been a hard (and failed) challenge until ASOS bought these beauties out.

With a supportive black gusset and lace shorts, the control wear comes up really nice and high about my waist and definitely smooths away any lumps an bumps.

ASOS Curve Shapewear Review

I’m wearing a size 18 and they fit very well but, for added control support, I could have sized down to a 16. I’m not sure my thighs, however, would have fitted well into the smaller size.

The shorts don’t offer much in terms of actually pulling in – there is very minimal shaping but there is definitely a smoothing factor to these that give a really great silhouette beneath more body-con style dresses.

ASOS Curve Shapewear Review

The greatest enhancing-effect of these shorts is my butt!   Now I am very much a butt girl, I love my butt and, with recent squatting activities, it’s getting bigger and rounder – heaven!!! These shorts really enhance that junk-in-the-trunk, I’m not sure it’s the high legged gusset contrasted against the lace or if they genuinely do lift my butt cheeks – either way, I want to flash my butt a lot when wearing these.

They’re very comfortable to wear and have definitely minimised the dreaded chub rub in the recent spell of hot weather.   For me, they stay in place perfectly but I know that Chloe in Curve has had some problems with them slipping down a lot.

Priced at just £18 I would definitely suggest giving these a go as I’m loving them!

ASOS Curve Shapewear Review

ASOS Curve Control Half Slip

I’m less impressed with the Control half slip – I normally love a good half slip (I have 3 variants already).  However, this one just simply doesn’t work for me.

There are some pros – it comes up nice and high and doesn’t slip around whilst moving.  The sheer panel sides are, quite simply, gorgeous.  It sits fairly short on me – perfect for wearing with shorter dresses.

ASOS Curve Shape Wear Review-8

I’m wearing the 18 and, probably, should have sized down to a 16 – perhaps then it would have had more of a smoothing silhouette.   Unfortunately, however, the 18 had virtually no smoothing.

In fact, I’m pretty certain it created lumps and bumps.   You can see from the pictures that it just doesn’t work.  Yes, my waist is exaggerated but the slip bunches around my rolls and draws attention to them – not the purposes of a slip.

ASOS Curve Shape Wear Review-7

I was by no means impressed and did send this item back.

Now it is competitively priced at only £20 but £20 on something that simply doesn’t work is still too much.

I am intrigued though, has anyone else tried this out with more positive results?   I’d really like to know if it’s just me!  Leave comments below if you have.

Outfit Details – Top

ASOS Curve Control Lace Short

Bluebella Asteria Bra 

Outfit Details – Bottom

ASOS Curve Control Half Slip

Scantilly by Curvy Kate All Wrapped Up Bra 


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  1. July 24, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    the control shorts look really cute! I haven’t owned shapewear in years, I find ones that squish you in too much so uncomfortable, but they look promising (and your butt really does look amazing)

  2. July 25, 2016 / 5:37 pm

    I haven’t tried that slip but I have a WYOB one from M&S that is firming, comfy and doesn’t create any extra bulges. Sadly it’s a bit worse for wear after three years (during one of which I wore it weekly!) so I’m looking for a replacement…

    • July 25, 2016 / 6:57 pm

      Try the magi sculpt one from simply be … I’ve reviewed it somewhere on here earlier in the year!

  3. August 1, 2016 / 11:12 pm

    I LOVE those shorts! They look so good I’d just hang around the house in them! xx
    Just Me Leah