8 British Fuller Bust Lingerie Designers

8 British Fuller Bust Lingerie Designers

I don’t know why, but I’ve not been feeling fashion lately.   I’ve been really struggling to find clothes that I want to wear – that I really want to show off to the world.   I’m going through style dilemmas and, on my past few nights out, all I’ve wanted to wear is my pants.

Perhaps it’s the hot weather – it makes me think about lying in the garden in a skimpy two piece, or crashing on a sun lounger in scantiest of chemises!

Anyway, with my current mood of only being drawn to my lingerie wardrobe, I thought now would be a good time to share with you my 8 favourite British lingerie designers of the moment …

8 British Fuller Bust Lingerie Designers

First up…

Playful Promises

Now, if you haven’t heard of Playful Promises then you’re living in a bubble! Playful says it all with flirtatious designs that aren’t afraid to shock and delight!  This designer has a straight range, a Curve range, and a DD plus range.   It’s body positive to the max, using the goddess that is Georgina Horne in it’s ad campaigns and actually sharing instagram pictures of us fat chicks wearing their range.

I already have a chemise from PP and have an ever growing wish list of items from them.

Size Range:  UK 8 – 24, 28 DD – 42G

Price Range: Around £30-50 for a bra, £15-30 for a brief

Places to buy:  



Lovechild Boudoir

Harnesses are becoming huge – I’m seeing them everywhere!  Sadly I only own one myself, although after discovering Lovechild Boudoir last week, I imagine my collection growing rapidly.

In my eyes, Lovechild Boudoir are revolutionising harnesses.  The juxtaposition of heavy strapping against the soft lace appliqués is to die for – and drool over … excessively.

Size Range:  UK 6 – 26

Price Range: Around £15-150 depending on the intricacy of the design

Places to buy:  


Unfortunately – I can’t find any reviews for Lovechild Boudoir, but stay tuned as I’ll likely have one of my own soon!



Sumptuous fabrics in the cutest of prints, Rochella really does have a wow debut collection.   I’m lucky enough to own the Scarletta and have loved wearing it on so many occasions now – I also have several of their other items on my ever growing lingerie wish list and do have a hanger in my wardrobe pegged for them.

Rochella also has a strong charity ethos with a signature purple lining to show that a percentage of all profits going to women’s cancer charities.

Size Range:  UK 10 – 24, 32-42 D-J

Price Range: Around £59 for a bra, £30 for the briefs

Places to buy:  



K H Intimates

Katherine Hamilton Intimates is a new and rather exciting lingerie designer – her designs are classic and elegantly made from beautiful laces and silks.  The collection is very limited at the moment with only three sets launching in their debut collection this month but there are plans to expand both their styles and their size range in the very near future.   How exciting!

Size Range:  26 – 36 D – HH (please note not all size combinations are currently available)

Price Range: Around £70 – 100 for a bra, £34 – 60 for briefs

Places to buy:  


There are no reviews of this brand yet as they have only just launched but fingers crossed my news feed will be filled with the beauties soon.


Brighton Lace

So Brighton Lace aren’t officially a fuller bust brand.  Their range is listed up to an E cup on Etsy, however, I contacted them directly and they’re happily making me the set above to fit a G cup (they’re also stretching their pants to fit an 18 where their listings end at 16) so definitely always get in touch with Etsy sellers to see if they can accommodate your sizing.

Brighton Lace garments are all handmade and really quite stunning – they’re playful yet slightly demure.   I can’t wait to wear this one!

Size Range:  Small (6-8) – Large (14-16), S (A-C cup), M (C-E cup)

Price Range: Around £45 for a matching set

Places to buy:  


Unfortunately, I can’t find any reviews other than those on their Etsy site (which are incredibly favourable).  Stay tuned to see on here shortly though!


Bluebella More

I lusted after the Bluebella main range for ages … then they released the MORE range and I nearly went skatty with excitement.   Bluebella gives a nod to the S&M scene with bondage elements incorporated into all their designs – it’s lingerie to reveal (at every possible occasion) and is darkly seductive in it’s nature.   Can you tell how much I love this range?

Size Range:  32DD – 38G

Price Range: Around £30-35 for a bra, £18-25 for briefs, £40-50 for a body

Places to buy:  



All Undone

So they are, perhaps, the most restrictive brand in sizing featured in the post.   I am most definitely too big too fit into their designs but there designs are delightful and they do deserve a huge shout out (especially as I’m hoping they will one day expand their sizing and maybe reading this will give them a nudge).    All Undone do some of the most classic and beautiful lingerie out there – should I ever be a bride again (which I’m hoping not to be cause, y’know, I quite like my hubby) then I would definitely want to wear All Undone beneath my gown!

Size Range:  28DD – 34GG, 8 – 14

Price Range: Around £79-95 for a bra, £38-56 for briefs

Places to buy:  



Louise Ferdinand

The Louise Ferdinand lingerie pieces are beautifully crafted lace, taffeta, and satin goodness.  In classic shapes with often playful details, bras from this designer will very quickly become wardrobe staples & wardrobe specials. The soft cup construction gives a delightful nod to vintage so be ready to get your retro on with these.

I also love that they’re not scared to use a plus size model in their product shots!

Size Range:  28A – 38J, S – XL

Price Range: Around £57-100for a bra, £30-88 for briefs

Places to buy:  



So that’s my round up, there are many, many more brands I’d love to have featured so perhaps I’ll do a part two at some point.   Do you know any British fuller bust brands to shout about?


C xx

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  1. August 10, 2016 / 10:46 am

    Hi darling! Thank you so much for linking to my posts ? I actually have a Louise Ferdinand review on my blog and another one to come in the future! xx

    • August 10, 2016 / 6:14 pm

      Hey my lovely, do you want to send me the link and I’ll add it?

      C xx

  2. Sian
    August 10, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    Thanks for linking to our post at Big Cup Little Cup on Bluebella MORE – their designs are amazing! I am so in love with several of these brands like Brighton Lace and All Undone but surprisingly had never come across Lovechild Boudoir, so thanks for intro to them! I do have a kind of review of K H Intimates on the blog with a look at their Sophia set when it was at sample stage too 🙂 I also tried the Louise then but changes were made after that sample set so it didn’t feature on the blog, but both are gorgeous!

  3. August 10, 2016 / 7:37 pm

    As lovely as all of these brands our I am still sized out of every single one which is so frustrating. Even the brand that went to a J stopped at a smaller back size. I long for the days when I can wear something from Playful Promises but for the time being I have to make do with the mostly utilitarian selection! Come on retailers sort it out my boobs want to join in too!! x

  4. August 11, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Great review some great options there!