I’ve always been a little skeptical of own brand lingerie ranges – the type made by Matalan, or Asda, or Simply Be.  Add the word, 2-pack, into the equation and my skepticism soars.   I’ve just had bad experiences in the past – finding the quality poor and the fit atrocious.

However, Simply Be recently sent me their Pretty Secrets 2 Pack Ella Plunge Bra that comes in black and white and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*-2

The bra is a simple plunge bra made with a moulded cup overlaid with a delicate stretch lace.    It is closed at the rear with a 3 hook-n-eye closing and the straps and had a wide and supportive back band.

The pack I’m reviewing comes with 1 white and 1 black bra but it is also available in the colour ways.

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*-6

I’m wearing the 36H which I feel if the best fit – although not entirely perfect.   The back band is potentially a tad large after a wear or two but a 34 would be too small so I’m just going to fasten it on a tighter setting.   The H cups encase more of my boob but after a little big of wear I get a little double-boobage overspill.   Unfortunately, the J cup would be too big and they don’t offer a HH versions which I think would have been the best option.

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*-4

However, the fit isn’t far off and I’m not really complaining here.   I fluctuate a lot and I’ve had hormonal problems since getting this bra which means my cup size is fluctuating all over the place – this is a problem with my body and not the bra I’m reviewing.

The wide back band is very supportive and quite comfortable.  I did have some problems, at first, with the elasticated edging twisting inwards but this was solved when fastening the bra on a tighter setting.

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*

The side on the back band comes up nice and  high and encasing my back wings, pushing displaced bra tissue back into the boob area where it really belongs.

The straps are fairly slim on this bra, and unsupported with additional padding.  This did worry me but after a few wears i realised these worries are unfounded.   The back band, as it should, really does take most of the weight of your boobs and so there is very little strain on the straps.

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*

The bra doesn’t give great cleavage – which is unusual for a deep plunge.  Instead, it gives a nice, full, rounded shape to breasts whilst keeping them nicely separated.   I actually really like this as I don’t always want that deep canyon between my boobs when wearing lower cut tops.   It also means that my boobs look very full and round when wearing a high neck top – always a bonus!

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*-5

The 2 pack is priced at £32 which works out a real budget £16 per bra – I usually spend well over £30 on a bra so this is a really bargain.   Especially given that the bra does exactly what a bra should – it supports, gives shape, and remains comfortable.

They not be the fanciest bras, the most fashion forward of designs, or have the attention to detail that specialist bra manufacturers show, but at half the price they’re not really going to!

Overall, I strongly recommend the Ella Plunge Bra for a good wardrobe staple if you’re not willing or able to shell out for the likes of Elomi or Curvy Kate.

Simply Be Ella Plunge Bra Review*

The bra comes in band sizes 34 – 38 and cup sizes B through to K.   Unfortunately, many of the bigger back bands don’t go above a DD – can someone explain why that is?  I really don’t understand!

Have you tried any of the Simply Be own bra collections?  I’d love to hear if  you’re as positively shocked at the quality as I am!   I know I’ll be trying more of their own lingerie range in the future.

Outfit Details

Ella Plunge Black/White Bras from Simply Be

Kimono Robe from eBay

5 thoughts

  1. Those Bras are pretty. I Need to get myself some new bras are these are definitely on the top of my list. I also love the robe you’re wearing, such pretty colors


  2. That separated look is gorgeous-I too hate too much pushed together wonderbra cleavage all the time!

    Dont always be too sceptical of own brand-a documentary showed £8 Asda bras being made in exactly the same factory with exactly the same materials and method as M and S £28 bras…always sticks in my mind!



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