Shops My Mother Goes …

Shops my mother goes

There are certain shops that I have avoided for years out of a pre-conception the their clothes are, quite frankly, for the older audience.   I’m talking Wallis, BHS, Marks & Spencers, Clarks.   However, lately, whilst killing time in-between meetings or waiting for trains, I’ve be wondering through shops like M&S and have been more than pleasantly surprised.


Marks and Spencer particularly has wowed me with this seasons collection.   They’ve injected textures of pleather, lace, satin, and embroidered details on classic and timeless shapes with the outcome of a collection this is, quite frankly, swoon worthy!  These are just some of my favourites.


M&S Collection Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt


Autograph Rib Roll Tunic Dress


M&S Collection Herringbone Wide Leg Trousers


Limited Edition Textured Pencil Skirt

It was really hard picking just a few that I like and love – and will hopefully be appearing in my wardrobe very soon!

Another shop that, previously ignored, has captured my interest is Clarks.   Long has it been the preserve of comfy shoes, but we all know that comfy doesn’t always mean beautiful, or cool, or quirky.   Last season, I got trapped by a pair of their brogues which very quickly became my wardrobe staples (you can see them worn in this post – amongst many others).  Intrigued by last years success, I headed to Clarks a few weeks ago to check out this seasons offerings and wasn’t disappointed.

Like M&S, Clarks has taken classic shapes and style and injected them bold colour combos and textures that are simply luscious.   Many of the style below I would like to sit and stroke …

These are my favourites:


Gabriel Soho – Aubergine


Clarks Hamble Oak – Gold Metallic 


Kendra Porter – Aubergine


Balmer Bella – Black Leather


Gabriel Soho – Dark Tan Snake

Are there any shops that have surprised you lately with their collections?

I’m just left with the major dilemma of which of these items to prioritise as, unfortunately, I don’t have money for all!

C xx


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  1. September 20, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    OK, that pleated velvet midi skirt is to die for, I love it!! Sadly Clarks go up to a size 9 and that’s it (it has it’s own section, how bizarre is that?)