Ann Summers Plus Size -Applique Balcony Bra Review

Ann Summers have recently expanded their size range … well, kind of.  A few weeks ago I reviewed a simply beautiful body from their so-called plus size range that seems to, mostly, max out at a size 18.   You can see, the range doesn’t exactly plus make.

The bras, however, have extended to H cup which means I can finally fit into them.   I saw this beautiful appliqué balcony bra and briefs and just knew I had to have them.


Sadly, it doesn’t really fit.   I’m wearing the 36H and the band is snug but the cups just aren’t big enough which means my breasts get pushed down.  Sadly, they don’t do a larger size.  I’m normally a GG-H cup so I would definitely say that this comes up small.

It’s also quite uncomfortable, although that’s likely because it doesn’t fit.  The underwires stick into my arm pits and I genuinely feel restricted in it.   But like I said, it’s likely because of the fit on me, rather than the construction of the bra itself.


You can see the back band is very snug on me – I’m normally a 34-36 so I would definitely say this comes up small.   They do larger back bands though – up to a 44 in fact so that, at least, is fairly inclusive.

Despite the bad fit, I really do like this bra.  It is made from an electric blue satin with black mesh panels and black lace detailing that is really quite gorgeous. If the bra fitted properly, I think it would give great uplift and lovely rounded shape.


The pants are also gorgeous – in fact, I kept these despite sending the bra back.  I figured I could wear them with plain black satin bras to give a little variety.  The back panel is sheer and the front also has a sheer panel with a lace appliqué.  I’m wearing the size 18 and they fit perfectly.

The bra is priced at £30 so not the cheapest on the market but, if fitted properly, I think it would be worth spending the money.  The briefs are £18 and, for me, definitely worth the money.

Have you tried anything from this range?  I’d love to know the comfort factor!

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