Plus Size Nightwear – Simply Be Slipdress*

Plus Size Nightwear - Simply Be Slipdress*

If you haven’t already gathered from last weeks PJ’s post, I love slinky nightwear – I love how it feels against my skin and slides nicely against the bed sheets. It also surprisingly warm – slinky can be deceiving.

One of my favourite slinky pieces is this beautiful lace and satin slip from Simply Be*.

Plus Size Nightwear - Simply Be Slipdress*

Now, you are going to have to excuse the grainy quality of these pictures.  It was dark and raining horribly outside and my house is just so small and gloomy – getting blog photos when you only have your husband and an iPhone for tools isn’t the easiest.

The slip is a beautiful sheath shape, skimming the natural curves of your body.   The lace cups are actually sheer and are given the illusion of vibrancy by the Curvy Kate Atomic Bra worn underneath (you can read my review of that beauty here).  the lace also carries on under the bust creating a very flattering waistband that enhances the waist.  The skirt is a simple satin slip.

Plus Size Nightwear - Simply Be Slipdress*

I’m wearing  16/18 in this slip and it fits me perfectly suggesting it to come very true to size.   Its comes in sizes 12 to 30 and is only priced at £16 so I think it’s quickly becoming an essential of mine – replacing the old Marks & Spencer slip that I have bought about 10 of over the years.

I wear slips like this both as nightwear, loungewear and beneath dresses when I need an extra layer of warmth.  The slightly slippery material means that it stops dresses clinging to tightly to you and creates beautifully smooth lines.


The dressing gown I’m wearing is a treasured eBay purchase that I now have in several colours and will, likely, gain more over time.   On lazy weekends when I don’t need to get dressed, I tend to swan about the house in a slip and my dressing gown.   Through the winter, there’s nothing quite like curling up on the sofa in your nightwear with steaming cup of tea, Netflix (or a good book), and a roaring fire.  In fact, I’m hoping to do this a lot during the next few months.

Plus Size Nightwear - Simply Be Slipdress*

Outfit Details

Simply Be Single Lace Full Slip*

Nightgown from eBay

Curvy Kate Atomic Bra

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