8 Plus Size Bralettes – Because we don’t have to be perky all the time

As plus size women, we’re told that we need to have perky rounded breasts at all time – cleavage to the max in order to make our bulging curves acceptable to society.   This is a myth that I  bought into for a long time – preferring push up bras to a subtle soft cup.

Over the years, as I’ve become more accustomed and more confident in my body, I’ve been increasingly rejecting the notions of the perkier the better and recently embraced my boobs with no moulding, positioning or thrusting at all.   It was liberating!

8 Plus Size Bralettes
Brighton Lace Soft Mermaid Set

I wore a bralette, and my boobs hung in all their pendulum glory … and you know what, I look hot!

Today, I thought I’d share this liberation with you and give you 8 plus size bralettes that are utterly stunning.   A couple of the independent designers listed below don’t officially stock plus sizes but one thing I have found is that independent designers will often accommodate the larger sizes – you just have to ask.   Those included in this have already been accommodated and responded that they don’t have size limits for the majority of the designs and will happily make their items to fit your measurements.

8 Plus Size Bralettes

1.  Boohoo Plus Mia Strappy Detail Lace Bralette

2. Simply Be Daisy Lace Hot Pink Bralette

3. Forever 21 Plus Size Strappy Bralette

4. Brighton Lace English Rose Lace Set

5. Mojo Lingerie Skylark Set

6. Wacoal Halo Lace Bralette

7. Freya Fancies DD+ Bralette

8. River Island Plus Black Lace Racer Back Bralette

Please note, when I first posted pictures of me wearing a bralette, I was swamped with questions about if I found them supportive.  These are not made to offer support – they are freeing, liberating, and beautiful. Give it a try – you many be surprised!

C xx

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