Fuller Bust Neutral Toned Bra – Curvy Kate Ellace Review

Fuller Bust Neutral Toned Bra - Curvy Kate Ellace Review

We all need them, those neutral toned bras that disguise well underneath pale blouses but still offer the support, comfort, and the beauty of more overt bras.   Bras like this are hard to come by and I’ve not really the biggest fan of most t-shirt bras – there is only one that I have found that really offers great shape and comfort, the Curvy Kate Daily Dream (which I reviewed here).   Others have come close – but have either not lasted the distance or just failed to live up to early promises (you know the ones I mean, that feel great until you wear them for a couple of weeks and suddenly you get double boob or a rising back band).

A few weeks ago, in search of another neutral toned bra, I came across Curvy Kate’s Ellace Bra and thought I’d give a soft cup a go. I don’t know why I thought all hidden bra’s should be moulded?  Maybe it’s preconditioning!


The Ellace bra, worn here in Latte, is a three part construction balconette that gives a great high and rounded shape for the breast.   The top panel of the bra is made from a pretty stretch lace that continues around the wiring and across the central gore.

I’m wearing the 36H and it fits me perfectly – the central gore sits flush against my sternum and the back band sit low and central.   The stretch lace encompasses all my breast tissues without any double boob and even accommodates my one boob being slightly larger – this is the best thing about soft cup bras, they allow for wonkiness.

Fuller Bust Neutral Toned Bra - Curvy Kate Ellace Review

I’ve had the bra for a fair few weeks now (bordering on months actually) and can ascertain for it being generally very comfortable – I’ve worn it for long work days and when travelling and it seems to be holding up really well.

On the odd occasion, the underwires have dug into my armpits a little bit but a quick readjustment and a swoop & scoop (lean forward and scoop misplaced bra tissue – that fat roll hanging under your armpit – back into the cup where it belongs) means it back right as rain and as comfy when I first put it on.



The bra is priced at £31 so is fairly standard for a Curvy Kate bra that really should be a wardrobe staple – I know it’s now one of mine.  It also come with matching knickers and is also available in white, crimson, and black. I think the crimson would look amazing come Christmas, although I’m also in love with the Kitty!

As you can probably tell, I’m really loving this bra and definitely recommend it! Do you have a neutral toned bra that you would recommend?  I’m always on the look out for more to try!

C x


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