Wide Calf Boots for Autumn/Winter

I’m afraid I’m a bit behind the times on wide calf boots, mostly as I’ve already been wearing them for over a month but haven’t quite gotten around to posting about them!

Boots are close to being my greatest love – I strongly believe in the idea that most outfits can be made better by boots and I actually dread to think how many of the things I actually own.  I certainly have a whole floor-drobe full of them!

This year, putting my love of the impractical aside, I decide to invest in a pair of sturdy, functional, comfy, warm, and still stylish knee-highs.   The type I can fit thick socks underneath and wear for every occasion  – work, the pub, a swanky bar, and traipsing around country gardens (Christmas at Blenheim anyone?).

Wide Calf Boots for Autumn/Winter

Now, there aren’t many places that stock beautiful AND functional boots that will go around my chunky calfs AND allow for wooly socks underneath.  Simply Be is always somewhere that I look through their new in very frequently and these beautiful knee-high burgundy boots really stood out.

Now, I may have burgundy obsessions (and therefore be bias) but the supple leather and tan wooden heels are simply gorgeous and, whats more – they’re seriously comfy.   Over the past month I really have walk miles in these boots without a simple blister or any discomfort whatsoever.   I really cannot recommend these more!

Wide Calf Boots

I’m wearing the size 6, E fit, super curvy and they are a little large on both my calf and my foot.   I normally wear a standard foot but deliberately sized up so I could fit thermals and wooly tights underneath and I’m glad to say, I can do both.

I can also fit jeans and wooly socks underneath for those rare days that I’m not seen in a mini skirt these days (it’s very much my winter look right now).

Wide Calf Boots

The boots also come in black and various foot and calf widths so there really is something for everyone here.

They’re priced at £90 so really aren’t too expensive for leather boots in wide fit – I have payed double and treble this in the past so I’m calling these a bargain!

Outfit Details

Elvi Trench Coat

ASOS Black Poloneck

Simply Be Skirt (past season  – similar here)

Heavenly Soles Boots from Simply Be


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