Plus Size Jumpers for A/W

Plus Size Jumpers

I really feel the cold – it permeates through me, makes my muscles seize up, and generally makes me shivery and not entirely happy.   I transition to jumpers whilst most of my friends are just in camisoles and my chest won’t be seen until May – unless, like me, you have your heating on nice and high!

Every year I invest in some warm jumpers perfect for layering up and shutting out the bitter cold – this year, the V by Very range have really got be sorted for all occasions and I’ve been living in their jumpers for the past few months so though I ought to get my act together and share the things with you.

Plus Size Jumpers

This beautiful crew neck, green jumper has the cutest little gold buttons on the sleeves.   It’s beautifully fitted and finely woven which makes it very warm.   I’m wearing it here in true dog walking style, with my favourite indigo skinnies and an old fashioned tweed.   This is was taken on a refreshingly windy beach in Devon last month, layered with a slim fitting t-shirt underneath, it kept me nice and toasty.

The jumper also comes up just that bit longer that most I’ve found which is really refreshing and stops that dreaded cold gap between your jeans and your top.

For a less casual look, I’ve paired the jumper with a 50s full skirt and it looks really very chic.   I’ll try to put a picture on instagram for all you all soon.

Plus Size Jumpers

Another windy day and this fine-knit polo neck (again layered with a close fitting t-shirt) was about the only thing that stayed put – my skirt blew up just seconds after the photo was taken in a gusty Plymouth.  The polo neck is long sleeved and versatile enough for wearing both inside and out.   However, come minus temperatures, I will be layering this up some more for extra toastiness!

Again, the jumper is fairly longline again (it actually comes mid-way down my butt cheek) which again prevents and gaping when wearing with trousers.   I mostly wear this one with my ever growing selection of mini skirts – it’s very much a go-to look for me at the moment; mini skirt and polo neck with knee-high boots is very much my winter look this year!

Plus Size Jumpers

This 3/4 sleeve polo neck, worn just last week on another blustery day at Blenheim (I seem to just attract a windy day) is a heavier knit than the others – it also sits a little shorter just skimming my hip bone.   I like to layer it with a long line camisole poking out from underneath to stop any cold fingers creeping around my midriff.

I’m wearing the polo neck here with my trusted wax jacket and new pleather jeans – I love clash textures during the autumn.

All jumpers are a size 18 and fit me perfectly.   They’ve all been washed multiple times and haven’t lost any shape or form which so many of my jumpers have in the past.   They’re real wardrobe staples and I cannot recommend them enough.   Very did good with these gems!

Do you have any autumnal jumpers I should try?  I am after a few more – maybe with some kind of patterns or embellishments!

C x

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  1. November 16, 2016 / 1:13 pm

    Polo neck jumpers are a must this year, it’s so bloody cold! I’m also loving the green one, it’s so gorgeous!

  2. November 16, 2016 / 3:49 pm

    I love, love, love how you have styled all of these! I really struggle to find my way with jumpers so only ever end up wearing Christmas ones come December, but you have given me some real inspiration (and style goals!) here! Beautiful as always! 🙂 x