The Travel Lovers Winter Gift Guide

Winter seems to be the time for city breaks, I’m watching in envy as friends dash off to those frosty European cities to eat heart warming stews and trek the miles of pavements to see all the sights.   My instagram feed seems to be swamped with amazing architecture and I have to admit, it been rubbing off on me!

Next year I have two city breaks planned and at least one, if not both, will involve minus temperatures so I thought I would share with you all my frosty Travel Lovers Winter Gift Guide … after all, with Christmas just around the corner now is a great time to treat jet setter friends with cosy, snuggly items (and a few items for making memories with) ready for their next travels!

The Travel Lovers Winter Gift Guide

1. John Lewis Leather & Suede Gloves

2. Fiorelli Grab Bag

3. The Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

4. Ted Baker Ear Muffs

5. French Connection Tartan Blanket Wrap

6. Paperchase Kraft Book

7. M&S Collection Thermal Glitter Leggings

8. ASOS Felt Floppy Hat

Do you have a travel lover to spoil this Christmas … if not, I wouldn’t say no to any of these 😛

 C xx

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