Elomi Kiki Review*

Elomi Kiki Review*

Elomi is one of my favourite lingerie brands, you only need to read past reviews to figure out how much I love their bras that always seem to fit me perfectly and last far longer than any of my other bras!

I recently sent the Kiki to review, a black soft cup plunge bra with a glamorous mesh lace fan detailing that just screams Hollywood glamour.

Elomi Kiki Review

The Kiki is a plunge bra that offers quite a bit of coverage – it is not particularly low in the plunge so doesn’t give that exaggerated cleavage that some plunge bras create, but it does give a ver high and rounded shape to the boobs whilst keeping them seperate.

Regular readers will know that this is a shape I prefer as I can find the exaggerated push-up of many bras too pronounced for daily wear.

I’m wearing a 36GG which is my standard size in Elomi.   I find their bands a little firmer than sister-brands Fantasie & Freya where I typically wear a 34.   The 36 fits perfectly – the central gore sits flush against my sternum and the wide back band sits nice and low on my back.


The back band is fairly wide and supportive, coming up high beneath the arm pit and minimising those under-arm wings.

The GG cup is perfect, encasing and uplifting my breasts without any over spill or slippage.  They are fairly generous – I’m more frequently a H cup right now, but there is no give in these if you are between sizes.


The bra is incredibly comfy and has very quickly become my go to bra – it’s seen me through work trips, long days travelling and nights out dancing.

The bra seemed to fit me instantly, there was no breaking in period that I normally have with a new bra and it really is up there with my other comfy daily favourite (my Curvy Kate Daily Dream) but has a certain little je ne sais quoi with the sheer mesh details and the fan print lace.

The bra is priced at £48 and the brief at £24.   Now Elomi is not the cheapest of brands but it does offer great support and durability which makes it worth spending that little bit extra!

Have you tried any Elomi bras?

C x


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  1. micgingell
    December 21, 2016 / 9:17 pm

    I love elomi. I have a set I’m waiting to review but I love it soooo much already. It’s soo comfy and fits like a dream. You look incredible too miss xxx

  2. December 21, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    This set is amazing, and you look great you sauce pot! 😉 I have one Elomi bra and I love it to death. It’ll be a sad day when it dies. xx