Plus Size Gift Guide – with Next Day Delivery

How is it only 4 days until Christmas?   It’s really snuck up on us this year – maybe it’s the warm weather, it doesn’t really make it feel all that festive!

If, like many out there, you’ve found yourself a little late in the game and haven’t found those perfect presents for everyone, then don’t worry – the likes of Simply Be & ASOS offer next day delivery and these are some of my favourite plus size items they have on offer right now!

Plus Size Gift Guide - with Next Day Delivery

1. New Look Wide Fit Grey Marbled Over-the-Knee Boots

2. Simply Be Beaded Cape

3. Marks & Spencers Belted Long Sleeve Dressing Gown

4. Simply Be Merino Wool Mix Jumper

5. River Island Cream Detail Pyjama Top and Bottoms

6. Sole Dive Wide Fit Platform Shoes

7. ASOS Curve Lace Plunge Long Sleeve Body

8. Evans Black Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Of course, if you’re a loved one debating what to get me, then feel free to hit me up for sizes!

Merry Christmas all!

C xx

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