When Size Has No Meaning

Now realistically, size never should have much meaning.  It is just a number on a piece of clothing – despite what the media tells us, size doesn’t impart worth, or value, or beauty, or character.  It really is just a number.

However, size does restrict us.  How many times have you walked into a shop only to walk back out when you can’t find a single item about a size 12 or 14?  We’ve all been there.   Size restricts us and, for a long time, I stopped looking in shops altogether that I knew didn’t stock a number large enough to fit around my burgeoning hips.

When Size Has No Meaning

Last year Danielle Vanier wrote a fantastic article about refusing to wear those ‘flattering’ forms of fashion us plus size women are told love.  She pranced around in the most beautiful of over sized shirts that came from a straight range. Yes, you heard it, a straight range.   My eyes were opened … perhaps I was missing a trick here.

You see, less figure hugging trends – the oversized trends will, typically, fit a plus size body even if they don’t officially run to your size.   Since reading Danie’s article, I’ve ventured more and more into straight sized shops that have usually excluded my fat body. I am so glad I did, as I’ve found many items from brands that I used to consider ‘off limits’.

My favourite, by far, is the wondrously beautiful Somerset by Alice Temperley jumpsuit …

Somerset by Alice Temperley

I have loved the Somerset range from afar for some time now.  It does, officially, run to a size 18 but when wandering through John Lewis one day before Christmas last year, 14 was the largest size they had in store.   I nearly cried when the shop lady told me I couldn’t try it in my usual size but decided to chance it anyway.   The hips looked flouncy and the wrap style of the top section normally means significant accommodation (as anyone who has tried the Lady V Lyra – reviewed here – will know).

And guess what?  Hear I am wearing a 14 and it fits me damn perfectly!


Sadly, the jumpsuit is now fully sold out (I snapped it up in the sale in January as couldn’t quite justify the original £100 price tag).

Now I know some readers really dislike it when I feature now sold out items, but 1) I can’t be expected to buy new clothes all the time and 2) I really wanted to use this as a case study of why we should put aside those conceptions that size dictates what we can and cannot wear and we should give it a try anyway.    The beautiful Arched Eyebrow – normally sized out of this range – did just that! And doesn’t she look utterly delightful in the same jumpsuit:

Somerset by Alice Temperley

And now I’m going to just leave with you a few photos of this goddess of a jumpsuit …




Outfit Details:

Somerset by Alice Temperley Jumpsuit (sold out – rest of range here)

Clarks Kendra in Dime 

New Look Coat (available in grey)



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