Elvi SS17 Transitional Style*

Elvi SS17 Transitional Style

It felt positively spring like this week – I’ve dug out the sunnies and been able to sit through  day in the office without the need for one million layers.   My heavy winter coat has remained hung in my wardrobe as I’ve favoured shorter, tailored jackets.

I’ve even walked the dog in daylight several times this week!  Yes, spring is on it’s way which means transitional pieces are a must.   This month, Elvi have been kind enough to send me some of their transitional collection to put to the test.  One of the items is a bomber jacket*, which makes me a real fashion blogger … right?


I’m probably more than a little late on the bomber trend.  When it comes to new fashions, I’m always late to the party.  I’m not what I would call edgy, forward, or fashionable – I’m safer, more cautious in my style.   I have noticed that I’ve been experimenting more with items I previously wouldn’t have dreamed I could wear (I even bought fashion trainers the other day) but I’m still hesitant to rush out and invest in the latest trends until I know they’ll suit me enough to last the distance.

I’m not really into disposable fashion but, thankfully, I think the bomber will be around for a while yet – especially one as beautiful as this lace Elvi bomber with sheer sleeves and pink accents.   It really is the most beautiful of bombers.


I’ve paired the bomber with a classic a-line skirt*, also from Elvi, that has been made with delicious little slits to the front and rear of the skirt.   I think the flash of thigh really adds something to what is, in essence, a little bit plain and boring.   I certainly know it delights me when the breeze hits or when I take a particularly long stride to reveal my upper thigh.

I’m also wearing my favourite RI Plus knee-high-boots – it  adds to that prim but a little bit naughty style that I feel embodies my personality.

Elvi SS17 Transitional Style

The bomber is part of the Premium collection at Elvi, and the quality is amazing.  It’s a size 18 and fits perfectly so I would say it is very true to size.   I’ve been wearing it with my skinny pleather jeans and polo neck this week and you can see more pictures of alternative styling options on my Instagram – the bomber has had a fair bit of wear already!

The skirt is also a size 18 and fits very well – it comes with a lining to the skirt that stops and creasing and it hangs nicely across my hips.




Have you bought anything from Elvi lately?    I really do love their collection and I have some other items to share with you in the next few weeks – some will definitely be coming with me on Seville city breaks next month.

C x

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  1. February 26, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    I love that skirt! It looks amazing on you. I’ve never bought Anything from Elvi before but I’m off to have a look now x