Plus Size Fashion with Every Thing 5 Pounds

Plus Size Fashion with Every Thing 5 Pounds

I’m not really one for cheap, disposable fashion.   I tend to avoid the sales and only buy things if I would have paid full price for them.   Primark is definitely not my friend (apart from for socks – their socks are great) and I’ve always preferred higher end high street (although my bank balance doesn’t allow for this most of the time).

Because of this, I’ve always been a little sceptical about shops such as Everything 5 Pounds where, you guessed it, all items are £5.   This is because the store specialises in past season or never realised items.   Like a TK Maxx, without the racks of rails to run through at its online only.

However, the likes of Amber in Red and Love Leah have both had amazing success shopping with this store and I have a self-imposed monthly budget for personal items (make up, clothes, perfume, etc) so I thought I’d give it a go.

Plus Size Fashion with Everything 5 Pounds

I ordered 4 times from the site, 3 dresses and a jumpsuit in beautiful spring colours.   2 of these items, a high necked dress and the jumpsuit when straight to the charity shop.   They were tiny, would barely go around my ankles let alone my size 18 hips.

The other two dresses were okay.   Honestly, I shouldn’t sneer – the dresses both fit well and look cute.  They were £5.   That is as good as my review will go.

Both dresses had a multitude of sins: hanging threads, sticking zips and uneven lining are all gripes with the two dresses.

Everything 5 Pounds Review_ Bargain Plus Size Fashion

Yes – they are definitely cute and, as we move into summer I can see me wearing both (although the coral is a little bit short and threatens to show my booty to the world if I so much as think about bending over).

That said, I won’t be buying from their again.   I’m lazy – I don’t want to trim threads, repair zips or sew hems.    I would rather spend more and enjoy my clothes – not feel hassled to fix them.   I understand that I am in a position to do this and, in future, I will be doing just that.   Spending a bit more money to enjoy my purchases and not have to spend my spare time (which is little) fixing things.

Everything 5 Pounds Review-2

Everything 5 Pounds Review_ Bargain Plus Size Fashion-2

Plus Size Fashion with Everything 5 Pounds

Everything 5 Pounds Review_ Affordable Plus Size Fashion

I’m not saying don’t buy from Everything 5 Pounds.   They have some great items and are so affordable.   I’m just saying if, like me, you are a clothes snob, then you may want to shop elsewhere.

Blue Dress

Coral Dress

C x


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  1. March 25, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    I absolutely love that coral colour on you! They can be so hit and miss, I’ve had one real treasure and some obscenely bad misses, like a pair of trousers that were clearly a good 4 sizes smaller than they said they were