Panache Wireless Sports Bra Review

Panache Wireless Sports Bra Review

I’ve been upping my gym game lately.   My health, for the large part, has been improving so I’m feeling like I can start to push myself again.   My current regime consists of swimming, yoga-lates, and weights.   I’ve typically been sticking to the supported weights at the gym as it’s allowed me to build my strength slowly without putting too much pressure on my spine or risking injury.   This week, I’ve started adding kettle bells into my regime – which means I’ve struggled walking the down stairs to write this!

My increased workout routine means a new sports bra was needed to allow my existing wired Panache a break (and a wash) in-between workouts.  In anticipation of this, I purchased the Panache wireless sports bra that I had heard great things about the bra from Two Cakes on a Plate.

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Now it might seems strange, a fuller bust sports bra without wires.   How the hell is that going to support my bouncing girls?   Yes, I thought this.  Yes, I was skeptical.   Yes, I was wrong to be.

The bra is really amazing.  The moulded cups means I still get a rounded shape to my breasts and the j-hooks on the back allows you to firm up the control by turning the bra into a racer back.  I started doing some basic yoga-lates at home in case the girls decided to pop out and realised that I did a whole 40 minutes feeling fully supported and without any slippage or bouncing.   Since then, I have done pyramids on the spin bike, kettle bells in my garden, and an increasingly ambitious yoga-lates routine (although this did result in falling over several times).   I can safely say I have remained as fully supported through all of these activities as I would have in my wired version.

Panache Wireless Sports Bra Review

Panache Wireless Sports Bra Review

I’m wearing the bra in 36GG and feels it’s a perfect fit.  The band is supportive and doesn’t create undue pressure points and the straps are wide and padded to prevent chaffing – this also helps reduce red marks across my shoulders when over exerting my arms.

The cups are filled and not gaping and hold my boobs neatly in place.   The bra does squish them down a little but I’ve never found a sports bra that does anything over – you can’t expect them to stay stationary if lifted to your neck!

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I’m also slightly in love with the neon vibrance of this particular bra.    The bright orange strips gleams through or peeps above my sports tops giving a flash of discos eccentricity.  You can certainly see me in spin class!

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The bra is priced at £38 and to me, is worth every penny.   In fact, I may need to invest in a second one as my activity levels increase!

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  1. April 3, 2017 / 8:58 pm

    OK so firstly this is really cute, but secondly, I love that this is a sports bra without wires! I loathe under wiring of any kind and this is so damn fun.