8 Plus Size Slogan T-Shirts

I’m loving the simply life at the moment; outside of work I’m living in jeans and t-shirt combinations when having to leave the house.  In the house, leggings and tees are my go-to.

I’m more relaxed in myself than I have been the past few years, my career is going well, my body confidence is swelling, and I feel I’ve settled into my own slightly weird, slightly quirky personality.   I always use to apologise about myself – now I just don’t give a damn.

I think this relaxation in mind set has led to a relaxation in my style.   I’m more willing to experiment and try new things, but I’m also more likely to just throw on something that I’m comfortable in.   T-shirts are just that – soft cotton against my skin feels great and if it has a graphic print or a quirky slogan then I’m even happier.

These are just some I’m craving right now; I think they’d look great in New York next month, paired with skinny jeans, a jacket and some red lippy for exploring cocktail bars and quirky restaurants (not to forget The Met).


1. River Island Plus ‘American Tour’

2. Joanie Clothing ‘Baguette About It’

3. Boohoo ‘Peace’

4. Joanie Clothing ‘Brunch Club’

5. Flox Creative ‘I am not a unicorn’

6. Forever 21 ‘Pretty Mess’

7. Simply Be ‘Sisters Before Misters’

8. New Look ‘She Can and She Will’

Do you have a thing for slogans?   Which are your favourite?

C x

5 thoughts on “8 Plus Size Slogan T-Shirts

  1. I don’t know why but that baguette one really made me laugh! My favourites that I already own both came from primark and one has a little kitten saying you’ve cat to be kitten me and the other is one that says nap queen which pretty much sums me up perfectly


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