8 Bags to See You Through Summer

8 Bags to See You Through Summer

Traditionally, I’ve not really been a bag person.   I’ve bought maybe two bags in the past year and still use the same work bag from 5 years.   I think this is about to change though, as I’m seeing more and more bags that I really want in my wardrobe.   Perhaps I need to organise an entire bag shelf with multiple options – that would be a dream really.

Yes, this summer may well be a summer of bags but, conscious of my lowly bank balance, I’ve decided to stick to a list of essential bags that I can really see myself using (not the type that will be used one then forgotten all about).   These are my top eight:

8 Bags to See You Through Summer

1. Shopper Bag

For throwing in all those purchases when out and about – cause no-one wants to pay 5p for a bag that will choke dolphins!

Oasis Shopper Bag

2. The Clutch

For cocktails with the girls: I like mine just big enough for my phone, my lipstick, and my purse.  I’ve always preferred embellished clutches!

Pieces Beaded Clutch Bag

3. The Backpack

I bought my first backpack earlier this year and have been completely in love with it – especially when travelling as it stops a lot of the back pain I experience when trying to lug around a water bottle, camera, sunscreen and phone.

Mango Backpack

4. The Beach Bag

For sunscreen, my kindle and a towel.   I’m not actually flying to warmer climates for a beach holiday until the winter months but I’m going to be investing in a beach bag whilst there is a wide selection to choose from.   I tend to be drawn to geometric or aztec prints although this often clashes with my monochrome bikinis!

Accessorize Beach Bag

5. A Cross Body Bag

Cross Body Bags have long been my go-to for days out.  They’re easy to throw on, don’t get in the way of my crutch, and give super easy access to your phone and wallet.

River Island Cross Body Bag

6. Cabin Bag

For city, work and beach breaks alike, a cabin bag is always needed for trips abroad. Even if I have checked luggage, I often take one of these along so that I have a change of clothes if anything untoward happens with my main case.

it Luggage Fashionist Cabin Bag

7. The Briefcase Bag

For business meetings and laptop carrying – the briefcase bag is one of my most used bags.  I particularly like the way they hold everything upright so I don’t spend hours routing around for my kindle which has slipped beneath all by over junk when on a long train journey.

River Island Blue Panel Tote Bag

8. Gym Bag

Mine is getting a bit battered from over use.   They’re great for weekends away too as normally have a bit extra space to fill that your usual oversized totes!

Ban.Do Gym Bag

Any bags you can’t live without?

C x

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