A New York City Wardrobe – For Work and Play*

A New York City Wardrobe – For Work and Play*

I feel like a bad blogger lately, I’ve missed posts …. lots of posts!   I recently spent 6 days in New York with work – it was amazing, filled with fabulous food, smokey cocktails and some of the greatest company ever (you know who you are).   Sadly, it left me pooped and, as such, blogging suffered and posts got neglected.  It’s always the way when blogging for a hobby and not a living; real life gets in the way and my blog suffers.   I don’t tend to stress about it because blogging is a hobby for me, a creative expression, and I refuse to let my blog stress me when I have enough of that in my personal and work life!

Anyhow, if you would like to read about my food adventures (of which there were many) then my last post would suit you down to my ground.    If you want to hear what I wore when in New York (and trust me, there are some delights) then keep on scrolling!

New York City Wardrobe-5.png

I always try to pack light when travelling alone and I think I hit the nail on the head with my New York wardrobe.    A couple of stylish dresses that can easily be taken from day to night, comfy yet quirky brogues for traipsing the streets, an amazing blazer, trusted skinny jeans and couple of basic tees.     Yes, I’m rather smug that my luggage weighed less than 13k (at least going there) and I came home having worn everything without repeating an outfit!

1. The Denim Dress of Goodness 

I never use to be a fan of denim dresses but this Studio 8 Rea Dress* is perfect for city breaks.   It is super comfortable, light weight enough to keep you cool whilst exploring, and the perfect length to allow you to bend over without flashing the locals.

I’m wearing the size 18 and it fits perfectly suggesting the piece to be very true to size.   The dress saw me through working in a chilli archive to a mad dash across mid-town to find Carrie Bradshaw’s steps (they were a very happy place for me).   I’m wearing it here in Washington Square Park whilst listening to the evening jazz (there is always a musician hanging out here) and enjoying the post-5pm sunshine.

I’ve paired the Rea dress with a In The Style Curve Waterfall jacket that is great for layering over so many different pieces (I love wearing it with cigarette pants and a blouse for work) and my trusty Clarks brogues.

New York City Wardrobe - Studio 8 Rea Dress


2. The Cabaret Worthy Shirt Dress

This In The Style Curve Shirt dress* is one of my favourite items right now.   I wore it to Broadway in New York where it looked amazing against the red velvet of a cabaret style theatre.    I’d run halfway across to New York to make the performance after a long day at work and it stood the test perfectly.    It also looked great, paired with my chunky ankle boots and opaque tights.

The dress is quite short on me (I’m 5ft10) so I layered it with a black M&S underslip to stop from flashing my knickers.   I’m wearing a size 18 and the fit is perfect, it doesn’t even pull at the bust like so many shirt dresses do.

I’ve worn it to work since, again paired with an underslip and heels but I’m really looking forward to wearing it by itself in this warmer weather.

New York City Wardrobe - Binky Charcoal Splift Front Rose Print Shirt Dress


3. The Statement Jacket

So this Monsoon Military Jacket is kind of my precious right now! It’s me regressing to age 16; a military jacket and skinny jeans was very much my go-to look back then and I’m heading that way again.   In New York, this jacket was perfect for my day exploring; walking the Highline, hanging out on the steps of The Met, and getting a boozy brunch in Central Park.    It also saw me through many a cocktail bar and hipster restaurant – the only downside is the it seemed to give NY’s famous hecklers a topic of conversation!

I’m wearing a size 18 in this jacket and it fits fairly well, although it is bordering on snug across the shoulders (by far my widest part).

New York City Wardrobe - Monsoon Myla Military Jacket

4.   The LBD 

The Little Black Dress is really a compulsory item for any trip!   New York was no exception and the Studio 8 Kelis Dress* is a light weight version with satin detailing that is incredibly chic in its simplicity.    The dress has a v-neck and a subtle swing shape.  It sits just below the knee.

The neckline was originally much higher but I loosened some of the stitching to give a deeper shape, allowing me to flash my favourite Wacoal slip whilst hanging out in NY’s speakeasies and cocktail bars.

New York City Wardrobe - Studio 8 Kelis Dress


So there we have it, my New York wardrobe … what do you pack when heading away?


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  1. June 1, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    I hope you had a great time in New York, i really like the denim dress, i think you could really dress it up or down.

  2. June 2, 2017 / 9:55 am

    So as ever, all of these outfits are amazing… but oh my days, that denim dress though. It’s the stuff of dreams and literally looks like it was tailored for you! x