Elomi Cubana – Plus Size Swimwear Review*

Elomi Cubana – Plus Size Swimwear Review*

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Today, I have another lovely swimwear review for you – just in time for all those impending summer holidays.   Oh gosh do I need one of those!   I’ve just spent 4 days in the Peak District and it was wonderful – unfortunately, it was also wet and dreary the whole time.   It was a walking holiday so the weather didn’t really get me down but I do need some summer sun soon.

I’m hoping my upcoming trip to Devon will be delightfully warm and I can spend my days on a beach, eating ice cream, rock pooling, and jumping over those cold British sea waves.    Is that asking too much?

Thankfully, I have pretty much guaranteed sunshine in December when I head to Cuba for the Havana Jazz festival – my bikinis will definitely be out in full force then.

Elomi Cubana Plus Size Swimwear Review-3

So yes, anyway, back to the review!   Today I’m reviewing the Elomi Cubana* bikini set that I featured in my recent swimwear look book.

The Cubana is a wondrously tropical set with a vibrant red, blue and green print that reminds me of a floral jungle scene.    It is made from a relatively simply construction – a subtle plunge bra with black trim contrasting against the bold print.

Elomi Cubana Plus Size Swimwear Review*

I’m wearing the bra in a 36GG and it fits very well, giving a high round shape to my breast tissues and encasing all over spill and side boob slippage (this is when breast tissue migrates to beneath your armpit from not being encased properly in the bra cup – and can be rectified, over time, by swooping the tissue back into the cup several times a day).

The cup has a slight stretch to it meaning it works well with my wonky breasts (the left is smaller) and that it will deal well with monthly swellings.   The band is wide and supportive and sits low on my back.   As with most Elomi bras I find the band to be slightly firmer than sister brands Freya or Fantasie where I frequently size down to a 34.

Elomi Cubana Plus Size Swimwear Review*-2

The briefs are a mid-rise fit and sit just below my belly button.   I know many people don’t like mid-rise briefs and prefer them to either sit below the belly, or high on their waistline.   I actually dislike the aforementioned as find briefs that sit low on my hips are at risk of being sucked off when tumble turning, jumping from boots, or generally pratting about in the water.    Mid-rise, however, give a little more stability and coverage, and if they do get sucked down a little bit, its rarely enough to show crack – a huge bonus in my books.

I’m wearing a size 18 and they fit perfectly.   Again, there is a little bit of stretch and give in the material so those between sizes can easily drop down a size.

Elomi Cubana Plus Size Swimwear Review*-2

The simply cut of the bikini means it offers great support whilst the vibrant patterns gives it a little oomph, elevating if from a simple black plunge into something a little more playful.

I’m wearing the Cubana in these pictures with an amazing tassel top from ASOS that I can see myself living in this summer.   It is sadly sold out but they have similar ones, available in white here and red here.    In fact, the white may make its way into my Cuba suitcase if its still around later in the year!

The Cubana is priced at around £70 – 90 for the set (depending where you purchase it from) so it isn’t the cheapest on the market.   However, it is well made, supportive and unlikely to ever go out of style.   I see it as an investment piece to see you through year after year of beach adventures –  which is always something I look for in my bikini choices.    The bikini also comes in Tankini and Swimsuit options making it a really versatile piece that you could easily mix and match.

I hope you enjoyed the review and please don’t forget to check out my others in the series:

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C x

The bikini featured in this post had been gifted by Elomi for the purpose of review.   All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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  1. Amymay Panayi
    June 16, 2017 / 10:28 pm

    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. As the Elomi Swimwear Designer & Pattern Cutter, I am so happy to hear you love Cubana. Also loving you in Indie ? Go girl, you rock it all! ?☀️?? x

  2. June 20, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    Hi this looks great on you “a very visual effect with the colour scheme”. They did do another set Kariba in that type of patterning rather than plain only thing with that was an odd type of tankini.
    Elomi has stepped right up in designs last few years and other something for more or less everyone.
    Even the plain colour sets have some special detail to them like the Imagine looked like a mesh panels to them.
    Do like Elomi as always seem to work for most people as rarely ever hear a poor comment and always been helpful to me so i reward likewise why i have so many of there items!.
    But there well designed and good value as last pretty well if looked after.
    Only gripe is wish they did Tankini a bit bigger/larger size.

    Like your blogs also nice and concise with great pictures.

  3. July 23, 2017 / 3:06 am

    I love the style of this! I am a plus size gal and I am trying to work up the courage to actually go out and buy a new swimsuit in this style. Love your blog! ?

  4. August 12, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    I love this suit on you!! And the pattern! As I new curvy blogger I love seeing your curvy fashions . Great job ?