Playful Promises Emerald Curve Review*

Playful Promises Emerald  Curve Review*

I had a little change this week – needed something fresh, something a little vibrant to see me through the summer months.   Welcome, new hair …

And what better to wear with fiery new hair than a devilishly emerald set?

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The Playful Promises Curve collection is one of my favourite curve/plus size lingerie lines. It is forward in its design, incorporating fetish, show girl, and burlesque inspiration into their designs.   Most importantly, they are not afraid to show off the fat girls body – there are no high waisted, figure hiding designs in this collection.

I have a few of their pieces already: the Jessica body which so often gets worn as outerwear, the amazing tassel chemise (that will so double up as a beach cover up for some winter sun), and my Rebecca set with its witchy gold embroidery.

Playful Promises Curve Emerald Review-2

Today, I’m going to talk about the Emerald Curve, one of PP’s repeat lines and, when you look at the vibrant colour, mesh panels and strapping detail, you can really see why this is such a popular piece.

I’m wearing the 38G which is the sister size to my usual 36GG.   It means that the band is a little loose and I need to wear the fastening on the tightest hook but it also means that my boobs are safely encased in the two-part construction cups and there is no overspill.

Playful Promises Curve Emerald Review-4

The bra is supportive, giving a nice rounded shape to the breast tissue.  It does not, however, give much in the way of uplift or cleavage boosting.   I don’t mind this, as I feel it would be a little much to have a Grand Canyon of cleavage along with the beautiful strapping and cut out details.

I’m wearing an 18 in the briefs and they are a perfect fit.   They have a Emerald panels that matches the Emerald cup constructions and their is a little gold hoop at the apex of the triangle that matches the gold hoop adornment on the sternum of the bra.   It is little details like this that give an added edge to the Playful Promises designs – they’ve thought through function and style, a rarity in the plus size lingerie market.

Playful Promises Curve Emerald Review-5

The briefs have cut out panels and a sheer bottom.   They still have that pesky but crack label (I have now cut it out) which I really don’t understand.    Just hide the label in a place on the brief that isn’t sheer!

The Emerald set runs across the Playful Promises straight, curve, and fuller figure line meaning it comes in a fantastic array of sizes, from a 32A to 42G and sizes 8 – 24.

The briefs are also available in a thong option, and there is a matching suspender belt (which is great but I’m saving for a professional shoot next month – stay tuned).

Playful Promises Curve Emerald Review copy

Oh, and the utterly amazing robe … that is by Free People but is long since sold out.   It was a completely frivolous purchase when I was in NY last month. I’d guzzled several large Old Fashions, was walking through Soho just before closing time, and simply could not say no to the dreams of metallic geometry, velvet fabrics, and extravagantly long tassels.   With the new hair, I feel a little Florence Welsh-esque.   There is no regret surrounding this completely extravagant purchase.

C x


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  1. June 28, 2017 / 1:15 pm

    I want to try a playful promises set so bad! They all look gorgeous and this one is great on you!

    • July 29, 2017 / 8:08 am

      They are amazing – you definitely should!

      C x

  2. July 3, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    I have this set and it’s so super sexy isn’t it?! But I personally would have loved some bigger pants! I’m all about the big panties! Looking banging as always!

    • July 29, 2017 / 8:08 am

      I love big pants too – I just also love having options for smaller pants occasionally – like thongs, I love a thong, but so many few plus size retailers make thongs!

      C x