When Clothing Doesn't Work …

When Clothing Doesn't Work …

Creating an outfit is hard work – especially when you’re plus size and the majority of designers simply don’t understand that just scaling up the sizes doesn’t work when there are lumps and bumps and curves involved.

So many times I’ve bought a pair of trousers that look, in cut and shape, identical to a pair that I already own and love only to be disappointed when they won’t get even half way up my thighs, or they gape ungainly at the waist.   So often this happens even within the same range – because fashion can never be consistent in its size.

This past week, for instance, I purchased 18 pairs of workwear trousers through online shopping.   I kept 1 pair.   From one retailer I had a size 18 barely get past my knees, another of their 18’s gaped everywhere – they were supposedly the shape tapered leg shape but the fit was so off on both.

Now, you’re all use to seeing me in a finished, polished outfit.   And I’m trying to be more authentic in my posts – showing what I really wear; not simply getting dressed up purely for a photoshoot as, I’m ashamed to say, I have done in the past.

When Things Don't Work-3.png

So today I’m dipping my toe in the water of being more authentic and showing you an outfit that I was SOOOO excited about receiving – only to find out that it just isn’t me.

We’ve all had it, haven’t we? Seeing an outfit online, obsessing about it, envisioning ourselves turning heads in it, finally ordering it, and then it arrive – and its completely wrong for you.

This is one such story …

When Things Don't Work-5

Although, perhaps it isn’t so awful.  The cut is stunning, the material is divine, the ribbing is delightful.   Sadly, the colour isn’t.   At least not on my pale, freckled, dark eyebrowed complexion.

Nope, yellow is not my colour and I did not keep this Monki co-ord.   Which is such a crying shame.  I’d already planned wearing it together for a cocktail party with high black heels and a dark lip, with the top paired with ripped jeans for a BBQ, and with wide leg culottes for work.  The skirt was going to be paired with a white blouse and a slogan tee – maybe a body for nights out.    It was going to be a wardrobe staple.

But the colour …

When Things Don't Work-2

Now, don’t get me wrong – this will look amazing on those blessed with complexion for yellow.   I can already see so many of my blogging pals looking amazing in this – Nerd About Town especially, that girl looks phenomenal in yellow.

If you are once of those blessed rays of sunshine, then the co-ord is from Monki on ASOS. I’m wearing the size L and it fits like a dream – my usual size is an 18 for reference.    I also think it could fit a size or two larger thanks to the draw string waist and roomy t’shirt.  I personally like the roominess mixed with the cinched waist but you could definitely get away with a most sleek fit with this co-ord.

When Things Don't Work-4

The outfit runs to an XL, roughly a 22 and is available on ASOS for a combined price of £55 – not bad for an outfit that can be mixed and matched.   The velvet material is delightfully soft, so you’ll definitely be stroking yourself (other mights stroke you too).

Don’t hesitate if you want though – Monki is a massive favourite of bloggers and so tends to sell out very quickly indeed!

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