Culottes: For Work and For Play

Culottes: For Work and For Play

I have been after some new workwear trousers for a while now.   A belt loop on my old faithfuls snapped and took half the material of with them – thankfully, I was at home pulling the things on when it happened and not at work.   Such a near miss.

Sadly, finding a replacement simply has not been easy.   I have tried at least 20 pairs of trousers.    Capri length are normally best as they allow for my height – so many full length pairs simply aren’t look enough and graze my ankles when walking.  Capri length hides the shortness.   Sadly, most pairs I’ve tried this year appear to be semi-transparent – not the best look when I want to walk into a room full of tech guys.   Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely the woman that believes you should be able to wear what the hell you like to work without it affecting your performance or standing.  Sadly, not everyone feels the same as me and, to be honest, transparent trousers have never been favourable in my eyes.

I am still searching for a more slim fitting pair, but for now, I’ve settled my heart on a pair of ultra-wide leg culottes from ASOS.

For Work & Play_ Culottes-4

Now they weren’t exactly what I was looking for – but I really don’t mind as they do tick so many boxes.   High waisted, comfy, easy to throw on, mid length, pleated.   There really are so many ticks.

I love the fact that they look instantly elegant and sophisticated and can be worn so many ways.   I’ve worn them at least 4 separate times at work since buying them, pairing with a bardot (as pictured), a white shirt, a fine knitted jumper, and a floaty blouse.   All tucker in of course – cause the nipped in waist of these culottes next to the ultra-wide line of the trousers is really something to be celebrated.

The culottes are a size 18 and very true to size – the hips are fairly free given the wide angle of the trousers but there is no real give or stretch in the waist.

They sit mid-calf on me at 5ft10 and are made from a  light weight but firm woven fabric that means the culottes keep their wide shape whilst swishing as you move.

They really do look amazing for work – as many who follow me on Instagram already know.  Yet they are great for casual too …

For Work & Play_ Culottes-3

Paired with a simple t-shirt, flat sandals (although loafers or sneakers would work too) and a throw on leather jacket, the culottes have an easy, breezy, laid back feel to them.

I also love the idea of pairing them with a crop top or a sheer body for a night out.   They really are the most adaptive and versatile cut of trousers.


The culottes are priced at £40 and are well tailored and hemmed – feeling generally of quite a high quality.   I think the price is really quite reasonable give the versatility.

They are one of my favourite of purchases this year (although time will tell if that feeling lasts the distance) and I’m praying the red version is restocked in my size!

Now, does anyone have suggestions for a slimmer leg style of trousers suitable for thunder thighs, small waists, bumpy hips, and a 5ft10 frame?


Thanks kindly,

C x


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