New Ventures: Lipstick On My Collar

New Ventures: Lipstick On My Collar

I have a secret – well, its not a secret really.  The last few months I’ve been working really hard on a new venture, a new online platform created by yours truly.

Yesterday, it launched!  And I’m super excited to share it with you …

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Sex is not a taboo; it is freedom, it is empowerment, it is expression, it is celebration.

Lipstick On My Collar is a sex positive, feminist magazine for all orientations.   It is all about providing a safe environment where people of all sexual orientations can come together to discuss their pleasures, their likes and their wants; to explore and reflect on what it means to be a sexual creature in the best sense.
As long as it is consensual Lipstick On My Collar will celebrate your desires!
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Written by women, for women and those who identify as women, Lipstick On My Collar is about challenging the idea that being sexual is something that should be hidden.  By speaking of their own experiences, our panel of writers aged from 21 – 58 provide candid commentary on their sexual habits and desires in order to challenge societal assumptions and empower our readers to embrace their own sexualities.

The online magazine will include articles on:

  • Lingerie Reviews
  • Erotic Art & Literature
  • Sex Toy Reviews
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Sexual Health
  • Fetish & Kink
  • Advice
  • Relationships
  • Photography
  • Editorials
  • Interviews
  • & MORE
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The website launched yesterday and received such an amazing reaction from so many women – I feel entirely blessed that people have reacted well to something that is very close to my heart; I want to empower women, to make them feel unashamed for their wants and desires, to feel safe, to feel supported, to feel great about themselves in whatever sexual preference, or body image, they want.


I really hope you will follow and support me in the new venture, and I’d love to hear any feedback and ideas you may have on Lipstick On My Collar.  

You can follow us via the following links:

Instagram: @lipstickonmycollar

Facebook: @lipstickonmycollar

Twitter: @LipstckOMCollar

And don’t forget to check out the website itself, I have some amazing contributors and we will be posting weekly 🙂

C x



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  1. Karen
    August 16, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    Masses of luck with your new venture – it’s badly needed, I think! Kx