A/W Fashion Inspiration … Trends I'll Be Wearing

A/W Fashion Inspiration … Trends I'll Be Wearing

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I hate to say it but autumn has definitely descended on us.   The last days of August were spent in blissful sunshine, wandering around the English Riviera (Devon for those who don’t know) and eating lunch outside at Kew Gardens.   Then the first day of September hit and it was like autumn descended all at once – I didn’t even notice the trees changing colour but this morning there was definitely a flurry of brown leaves on the floor around my house.

As sad as I am to see summer pass (and I am still hoping for an Indian Summer to surprise us all), I am also very much looking forward to A/W fashion.   Those who know me well, or regularly read my blog, will know that autumn is very much my season when it comes to fashion.

This year is no exception!

August copy

Now, if you are regular reader you will know that I’m currently working on minimising my wardrobe.  In fact, I have a huge blog sale going on right now if you’re in the market for some new threads – check it out here!

This means that I don’t actually want to be buying hundreds of new items.  Instead, I want to focus on several key pieces based on my favourite trends of the season and then build a wardrobe of basics around these.   I expect my basics wardrobe is largely complete: white blouses, ankle boots, grey t-shirts, slim-fitting bodies, simply blazers.   I own and wear all of these things weekly.

In order to focus my purchasing endeavours, I’ve gone a little bit 1990’s and created myself a good old fashioned mood board created from magazine cuttings.   I could genuinely spend hours flicking through the glossy adverts of high fashion magazines like Vogue, Harpers, and the more contemporary ID, collecting all my favourite looks and compiling them into thematic trends.  In fact, I did just that on a rainy weekend not so long ago and what I came up with is four main trends that I cannot wait to embrace this autumn; oversized coats, statement red, floral embellishments, jewelled midi skirts.

Oversized Coats


Androgyny – Masculine – Militant – Dark

So despite my apparent inability to spell the word, I’m loving the dark, bold androgyny of these oversized coats.  They remind me of my Great Granddads old Burberry coat which I often sneaked out of my Dad’s wardrobe to wear with my boyfriend’s skinny jeans and trilby (I was way cooler in my teens).  Sadly, the coat fell victim to a family of field mice the decided to make their home in the seams one summer.   I still miss that coat.

This year my winter coat will definitely try to replicate that.   It will be long, black, check or grey, oversized … like something from a 1920’s gangster movie.

Plus Size Summer Easy Dresses

1. River Island Herringbone Coat

2. ASOS Curve Skater Mac

3. New Look Tailored Coat

4. ASOS Ultimate Check Coat

5. Simply Be Check Duster Coat

6. Label Lab Long Strap Detail Coat

7. Biba Button Detail Military Jacket

8. Monsoon Daisy Embroidered Coat


Statement Red


Little Red Riding Hood in the Boardroom!

Ready to slay the big bad wolf!

I have always found red incredibly empowering and, as such, I have always been drawn to it.  My burgundy has always been my shade, the darker side of red.   Yet this year I want a statement red – as red and bold as I can manage.   Especially when it comes to workwear!

Plus Size Summer Easy Dresses.png

1. ASOS Tailored Elasticated Mansy Culottes

2. Lovedrobe GB Skater Dress

3. New Look Bardot Jumpsuit

4. Boohoo Harriet Frill Dress

5. ASOS Long Sleeve Origami Blouse

6. Arched Eyebrow x Navabi Shift Dress

7. ASOS Tall Dip Back Blouse

8. Boohoo Esther Tie Waist Wrap Dress

Floral Embellishment


Embellishment – leather – suede – applique – texture – brocade

Regular readers already know this is one of my greatest loves – I have exalted over floral embellishments so much in the past.   This year, add leather, lace and sheer details and I’m in heaven.

Plus Size Summer Easy Dresses.png

1. ASOS Floral Jumpsuit

2. Boohoo Plus Embroidered Body

3. Simply Be Embroidered PU Shorts

4. New Look Floral Embellished Body

5. River Island Pencil Skirt

6. V by Very Stud Embroidered Skirt

7. New Look Embroidered Backpack

8. Boohoo Plus Embroidered Kimono


Jewelled Midi Skirts


Dark Romance – Vampiric – Gothic

Midi skirts have traditionally always been summer attire for me. They’re floaty, whimsical and romantic which seems to go with breezy days out in the country surrounded by flowers more than autumn days in leaves.   Yet these jewel toned midi skirts have me thinking otherwise and I love the idea of pairing them with over-the-knee boots and chunky knits.   Again, these should be filled with dark romance and, if we can add some texture then I’ll be even more pleased.

Plus Size Summer Easy Dresses

1. V by Very Metallic Print Skirt

2. La Redoute Faux Leather

3. ASOS Leather Look Midi Skirt

4. River Island Red Wrap Midi Skirt

5. Simply Be Sunray Skirt

6. Closet Plus Navy Full Skirt

7. ASOS Satin Pleated Midi Skirt

8. ASOS Curve Jersey Pencil Skirt


I hope I’ve inspired you just half as much as I’ve been inspired by going through this process.   I feared that I had fallen out of love with fashion but, in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth – I just need a little bit of inspiration and perhaps a new season to welcome in the change.

Will you be adopting any of these trends?

C x

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  1. September 13, 2017 / 9:12 am

    I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the oversized coats, being oversized myself! lol
    I do love the red,especially the bardot jumpsuit, and the jewelled colour skirts are stunning; I think I need that purpley pleated one in my life! xxx