A Decent Plunge*

A Decent Plunge*

A few weeks ago, I was happily talking my way through a meeting at work when I realised that my blouse had popped its make-shift button (you know, the safety pin trick used to alter a plunging neckline) to reveal a vast amount my slightly discoloured, probably past it, balcony bra.

I’m surprised, to be honest, that this hadn’t happened before.   My go to workwear wardrobe consists of a series of white blouses, all with necklines that I need to alter to prevent an extensive amount of bra being on show.   You see, despite have an entire lingerie wardrobe, I haven’t actually owned a simple, plunge, neutral toned bra for some years now.


You know, the type of plunge bra that skims those plunging necklines and creates a modest little cleavage that doesn’t threaten to overwhelm when at work but prevents the need for an endless supply of safety pins.

Thankfully, Elomi’s Bijou range is perfect for this.   I had high expectations already as this bra in black has long been my go-to for deep-v necklines.

The bra is a moulded cup with a low central gore but maintains quite a full coverage on the cup which parents the excessive uplift and cleavage found in many traditional moulded plunge bras.


I find Elomi is incredible for consistent sizing.   I’m wearing a 36GG which is the size I wear in all of their bras and the fit is fairly perfect.

I find Elomi bands slightly firmer than the likes of Panache, Curvy Kate, and Pour Moi and, as such, I never even think to drop to a 34 like I often do with other brands.

Their bras are wider set in the wires that some other brands.  This means that my boobs are often wider spaced and sit in a more natural position than in more forward facing bras.   This is quite a subtle look  that I really like for being inconspicuous in the chest area (you know, for those times you don’t want to be all cleavage).


The Bijou is incredibly comfortable from the get-go.  There is no need for a prolonged wearing in period with this bra.   From day one it was comfy enough for a twelve hour working day with a rush-hour London commute.

In fact, I’m currently writing this post from a work trip to Berlin where the two bras I’ve packed are both of the Elomi Bijou range.


As with all Elomi bras, the price point is slightly higher than other comparable brands but I’ve always found their worth the money as they really last the distance.   My black bijou has lived through two years of excessive wear and mistreatment (I’m awful and put my bras through the washing machine) and, despite some alterations to the straps, it still fits perfectly.

These are definitely longer-term investment  bras!


Oh, and a little tip for top twisting and gaping necklines: boob tape.   I’ve started sticking the hem of the top to my bra to hold it in place and it works like a dream.


The bra featured in this post has been gifted for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.



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