Quiet in the Wild! A/W Lingerie with Pour Moi? @ Bra Stop

Fuller Bust Lingerie - Autumn/Winter Edit

My love affair with autumn is well known; its the colours.  They inspire me.

They creep into everything, from the falling leaves, the pine cones in the fire place, the fashion and, of course, the lingerie.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be reviewing latest season lingerie collections that just scream autumnal cosiness but first, a little note on the photos.

Fuller Bust Lingerie - Autumn/Winter Edit

I have wanted to do a lingerie shoot outdoors for quite a while now.   I imagined a freedom, a quiet escape amongst the easy wild of the woods.

I have to admit, I was nervous – stripping off to my pants in woods that are a known haunt for local dog walkers.    Normally, I take all my picture myself, using a tripod and my Olympus Pen that comes with a time and a remote capture that integrates with my mobile.   It took me a long time to get use to people looks when doing this fully clothed so, being half naked in the woods, taking photos of myself felt more than a little intimidating!

Thankfully, my ever faithful best friend was on hand to act as my comfort blanket and look out.   She was also able to hit the shoot button on the camera after I had set up the shutter speed and aperture as well as throw a huge blanket at me should anyone be walking through.

Thankfully, as this is very much a dog walking area, the pooches tended to give us a heads up if anyone was near.

And, despite the nervousness, I did find this shoot liberating.   It was fun, something different, invigorating.  And even when two ladies stumbled across me in a scanty playsuit, wrapped in a fluffy throw, they didn’t say a word.   Perhaps I didn’t need to be nervous after all.

I will definitely be doing more outdoor shoots going forward!

Fuller Bust Lingerie - Autumn/Winter Edit


Fuller Bust Lingerie - Autumn/Winter Edit

Now, back to the lingerie … This set is by Pour Moi? at Bra Stop.

Bra Stop, true to usual form, have some amazing autumnal inspired collections in right now and this Cherish set in Mink really reminds me of a rich, steaming, Spiced Chai latte being sipped from beneath a blanket, next to a wood burning stove.   It is a warm, cosy, winter through and through.

I’m wearing the 34H and it is a perfect fit, offering support and uplift to my chest whilst remaining firm around my back and in the central gore.    As is typical with Pour Moi?, the band is generous so I definitely suggest sizing down on this one.

The bra is a soft cup with a three-part construction that allows for a full, rounded, natural sitting of breast tissue.  It is made from a silky feeling material with a richly embroidered lace overlay on the top section of the cup that makes the bra feel quite luxurious.

I’m also wearing the Cherish Shorty briefs in an 18.   Again, these fit very well, sitting perfectly across my hip bones and flashing a bit of thigh-brow.   I’ve really started to move away from full briefs which I find often show a little bit too much vpl.   I prefer the lines of shorties and high-legged breath beneath my tightly fitted jeans and skinny capri pants.   Full briefs are still great for under skirts and dressed, but I find a shorty or a high-legged thong just feels better when worn beneath trousers.

Fuller Bust Lingerie - Autumn/Winter Edit


The Pour Moi? Cherish set at Bra Stop is definitely one of the more affordable fuller bust sets on the market.  The bra and brief will set you back just £39 which the price of many fuller bust bras alone.

I know from experience the Pour Moi? does have some staying power and when correctly fitted they are very comfy and easy to wear bras.  Just remember to take care when washing them – hand wash is always preferable but I know many women like to use a bag to place the bra in to protect it from the spinning of the washing machine.

Fuller Bust Lingerie - Autumn/Winter Edit

What do you think of my pictures?   Will you be trying a photoshoot in the woods any time soon?

And don’t forget to check back soon for much more beautiful autumn/winter lingerie inspiration from BraStop!

C x



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