Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse

Sometimes, a little rest and recuperation is needed.

I have had an exhausting few weeks; September was a month of what felt like constant travel and excessive working demands.   So its no wonder that I came down with a killer cold by the middle of last week – meaning that the past weekend has been all about self care!

Self care, for me, comes in many different forms; it may be a weekend with girlfriends, wandering around country estates, getting as much fresh air as possible with the dog, or slinking about the house in my underwear – literally refusing to get dressed and certainly not socialising.   That is the thing about our how we work; we are changeable and our bodies need different care at different points.

This weekend, I was definitely craving a day of being an introvert.   Books, tea, blankets, and retreating into my own mind was definitely key to rejuvenating in this instance.

Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse
Sculptresse Chi Chi Bra and Brief

Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse

Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse

The Lingerie: It has been a while since I’ve shared anything by Sculptresse by Panache – they seemed to go quiet for a while; not being the loudest or most present brand on my instagram feed means that they actually slipped from my memory for a while.   A change in shape meant that my old faithful, the Pure Lace, no longer fits and therefore has long since been sent to Smalls for All to aid women in developing African countries earn an income through.

Because of this, Sculptresse really had slipped off my radar as a brand – which is such a shame as this Chi Chi Balconnet in Cappuccino* has really reminded me how phenomenal this brand is at catering for the bigger bust.

Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse

The Chi Chi is a soft, full cup bra made from a three-part construction that really creates a high, full, rounded shape to the breast.   The central gore sits relatively high on your sternum meaning the this is not bra for low necks but it does look fantastic beneath autumnal polo necks and high-neck blouses.

The great thing about the Chi Chi, and every other Sculptresse bra that I have tried, is that it contains a high-sided sling that contains any misplaced bra tissue and pushes it back into the cup of the bra.

I’m wearing a 36H and it is a perfect fit.  The band is fairly firm and the cup has a little bit of stretch with the elastane-lace top panel of the cup.   I have slightly wonky breasts and having a stretch lace panel means that the inequality of breast tissue is disguised.  Nestled in the central gore, is a cute little leopard print bow.

I’m wearing the Cappuccino colour and it really does feel like a cosy, spiced latte on a cooler day.  The colour is a refreshing alternative to so-called nude bras as it disguises very well beneath light and breezy blouses.

The high waist briefs are an 18 and a perfect fit, they have the same lace overlay and leopard print bow for continuity.   The briefs have quite a bit of stretch to them, making them a little easier on the sizing than many other full briefs.

Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse

The Sculptresse Chi Chi is priced at £37 for the bra and £19 for the brief.   This places the brand as slightly more expensive than some of its competitors but I can easily speak for the comfort of this bra and the durability of other Sculptresse bra’s I’ve worn in the past.

They’re definitely worth an investment – and they make perfect autumn days spent lounging about the house attire!

C x

The items reviewed in this post have been gifted by Sculptresse.
All thoughts and opinions remain true to my findings.


22 thoughts on “Rest and Rejuvenate in Autumn/Winter Lingerie with Sculptresse

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog from the fblchat and have fell in love! Your blog is beautiful! I love your whole motif, it’s refreshing to see! Also love the colour of this lingerie set and the lace detail is very complimentary. Xx


  2. wow you go girl ive recently gone through a massive weight increase and im so badly in need of refitting, i went to get fitted at a very famous store and they totally measured me incorrectly so after buying and spending a fortune i now need to go on a new spend , i love this set


  3. How lush do you look and girl power to you for sharing your intimate undies with us lol. I love the high waist briefs and i think its a great price for the set.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think it’s so important to have the right bra and one that fits you comfortable and gives you confidence. I need to get remeasured myself as Ive lost a bit of weight and noticing my bra’s are getting to big. I’m loving the the colour of this set x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A well fitting bra is a must – it can not only improve posture but also lift confidence. I am always shocked at how many women don’t value a well-constructed bra (but I suppose the fact that I run a lingerie blog makes me a little bias).

      C x


  5. I wrote a post a while back about the rise of those tatty little lace bras which are really bad for your back – thank god you’re promoting something with more support! You look absolutely fab. There’s nothing I love more than just lounging around in my comfies on a rare spare day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually like those little lace bras – I just don’t expect them to give me any support what-so-ever. They’re more practical for impress-the-husband kind of events … the ones that don’t go outside!

      C x


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