Wooly Jumper Weather – Plus Size Knitwear

For years I’ve avoided heavy knits.  By nature they are bulky items, woven from heavy wool to trap warm air inside and insulate your body.   They take up space and add volume.

As a woman, especially as a tall and fat woman, I’m conditioned to think that volume is bad.   I’ve been taught to minimise myself; to shrink and be that small, petite woman that is so idolised by society.

By extension, I have shied from items that add bulk to my already amazonian frame.   I have chosen belted coats and tight fitting tops to reveal that acceptable-fat figure: the hour-glass.  I’ve often shivered through a day at work because I can’t possibly put on another layer; that would just add to my size.

For years, I have envied the petite girls, rocking up to lunch-dates in shapeless, oversized knits whilst I’m sat there in the thinest of turtle necks.  Well, this year I say it F¢∞K it …

Why would I risk a chill just to minimise my size? Why would I be uncomfortable just to fit others expectations?


And I have gone all out in my f¢∞k-ery … I’ve purchased so many chunky knits that I think they may be my new obsession (along with the colour red and shooting in woods).

My most worn of the jumpers so far has been this amazing twist-back, red jumper from V by Very.   From the front, it is a very simple over-sized knit with a slight v-neck.   Then you turn around and see the amazing knotted back which creates these fantastic large pleats across the material and makes me feel like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

Plus Size Knitwear

Plus Size Knitwear

Now it maybe strange, for a jumper to reveal a bare back.  But, I promise you, it really is so cosy and warm.  I have been wearing it a lot around the house, enjoying the protection it offers from the drafty, old windows of my 14th century cottage.

Its also been worn on long weekend dog walks; easy to throw on with boots and jeans and give that easy, country girl feel that is very much my weekend aesthetic.

The colour and knot-back means that this really is a stand alone piece; a piece you can just throw on with anything and look great instantly.   It pops with jeans, skirts, and cigarette pants alike.   I can’t wait to wear it with a leather mini-skirt and heels for brunch dates or with my workwear trousers for London-meetings.

Plus Size Knitwear

Plus Size Knitwear

Plus Size Knitwear

The jumper is easy to layer too.   On warmer days simply throw a camisole underneath to cover that bare back.   When chillier, I’ve worn it over a skinny turtle neck.

I’m actually really excited, as the weather turns colder, to experiment more with this jumper; to pair it with summer maxi-dresses and make my wardrobe more trans-seasonal, to try it out as workwear (because those days in the archives are freezing), and to not give a damn that it doesn’t show off my waist or fit underneath a slim fitted jacket!


Outfit Details

V By Very Twist Back Rib Jumper

ASOS Curve ‘Sculpt Me’ Jeans

Dubarry Galway Boots

I’m really loving knitwear this seasons and you can expect to see more in the coming months.   And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with all my outfit stylings, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I post daily.

C x




34 thoughts on “Wooly Jumper Weather – Plus Size Knitwear

  1. The colour of that is gorgeous. It really suits you. I always fall into the trap of wearing black and grey jumpers but this has made me think otherwise…

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  2. That’s a gorgeous jumper, but as someone who positively lives in layers of warm sweaters, I don’t think I’d be able to cope with that gap in the back letting all the cold air in onto my skin! lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It a lovely jumper, the only thing (and this is just me as a personal preference) is the exposed back. I wouldn’t like all the cold air on my bare skin. But you do lovely. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww hun, you look beautiful! I’ve been fat, thin, and everywhere in between so, I can definitely relate to wanting to feel comfortable no matter what size I was. I absolutely love this jumper. Red is my favorite color and I just love the back. It’s unexpected and a wee bit sexy!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s a gorgeous jumper. I also tend to shy away from all sorts of cute knits in an effort to try and keep the external bulk down. This looks stunning though, and even if it wasn’t it’s great to realise that that doesn’t even matter! It should be all about warmth and feeling good in your own clothing and skin. x

    Liked by 1 person

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