This is my Halloween Costume

Autumn really is a bloggers paradise; pick-your-own pumpkin farms and colourful arrays of fallen leaves, yankee candles and warming stew recipes, leaf-trampling boots and snuggly jumpers.   Autumn really does provide inspiration after inspiration for us bloggers.

And lets not forget Halloween.  For weeks now my Instagram stream has been filled with spooky inspiration.   The skills of some beauty bloggers are simply awe-inspiring as they turn themselves into vampires, witches, disney villains and zombies.  Lifestyle bloggers turn their homes into spook-tacular caves and foodie bloggers create the amazing pumpkin-themed treats for kids and adult alike.

And me?   Well, I don’t really buy into Halloween that much.   There are many blogger cliches I buy into whole heartedly, although I have not yet purchased marbled wrapping paper to fake a marble-flat lay).   Yet Halloween is just not one for me.

This Is My Halloween Costume - Plus Size Halloween Outfits with In The Style Curve
In The Style Curve Halloween T-Shirt DressDune Vicky BootsBarbour Beadnell Jacket

Firstly, I hate scary movies.

I really don’t need to watch them to give myself nightmares.  I have a ridiculously overactive imagination as it is.

My husband likes to watch The Walking Dead.   I love it too … but I have to check in the wardrobe, under my bed, and in the garden for zombies before I can turn off the light.

Whilst taking these photos, someone started knocking at the back of the graveyard.   I couldn’t see what was causing the noise; so I legged it out of there as quick as possible rather than stick around to be found in my very own living nightmare.

If that alone doesn’t show you how whimpy I am; I’m currently reading The Snowman by Jo Nesbo on the recommendation of What Page Are You On. I’ve slept with the light on three nights in the row as my husband has been away and a Snowman might come to get me.   And that book isn’t even a horror.

This Is My Halloween Costume - Plus Size Halloween Outfits with In The Style Curve

Secondly, dressing up seems such an effort

I mean, I’m a fashion blogger … right? So dressing up should be my thing.

Year after year I’ve tried to get excited by Halloween dress up.   I have even faked excitement, making all my friends and colleagues dress up.  Then I’ve started researching outfits and realise just how expensive it will be to make myself look like Maleficent.  Polyester dress-ups and plastic headdresses just don’t do it for me.

Thirdly, I’m awful at make up

I’m a minimal make up girl; a flash of BB cream, some mascara and a little bit of lipstick is about as dramatic as I go.   I haven’t learnt any kind of beauty skills, mostly as I’m allergic to a lot of products but also because I have very little patience to learn how to contour or perfect a winged eyeliner.

Therefore, painting my face to look like Ursula is going to turn into some kind of disaster.  Plus, I’d likely stain my bed sheets.

This Is My Halloween Costume - Plus Size Halloween Outfits with In The Style Curve

This Is My Halloween Costume - Plus Size Halloween Outfits with In The Style Curve

This Is My Halloween Costume - Plus Size Halloween Outfits with In The Style Curve

So this Halloween, I won’t pretend.   I will wear my completely adorable In The Style Curve ‘This is my Halloween Costume’ t’shirt, close my curtains, and ignore the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween falls on Tuesday this year so I’ll likely enjoy a spiced gin and ginger ale cocktail and watch an episode of The Walking Dead, or maybe The Deuce which is my other series obsessions right now.

This Is My Halloween Costume - Plus Size Halloween Outfits with In The Style Curve

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?   Will you be dressing up? Or hiding indoors like me?

C x


18 thoughts on “This is my Halloween Costume

  1. I was completely obsessed with witches as a child so I normally watch Hocus Pocus and Bedknobs and Broomsticks on Halloween – never really been one for dressing up but my mum could make a costume of of anything with about 10 minutes notice. Once went to a Halloween party dressed as a mad scientists/Dr Jekyll in my mums white catering coat with backcombed hair dusted with talcum powered – resourceful!


  2. I love Halloween so much but most of our friends are more like you. It’s so fun to dress up and really doesn’t take much effort if you have the prep right.


  3. A simple statement tee shirt goes a long way sometimes and you look spookily amazing in this tee! I’m like you and not a huge fan of Halloween as I find the history is lost a little with people more bothered about sweets than anything else!


  4. That shirt is brilliant! I love it so much, lol! I don’t have fake marble wallpaper either (I have an actual real marble slab I use to temper chocolate on… but that’s beside the point). 😉


  5. I must admit I’m one of those bloggers that is totally in my element around Halloween!! It doesn’t have to be super expensive though I tend to make a lot of stuff, costumes and makeup are my thing I really enjoy taking the time to do them and I do love a bit of gore but I know it’s not for everyone! Enjoy Halloween how you like and if scary movies aren’t your thing just curl up with a chick flick 🙂


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