Frost Yourself with The Jewel Hut

Jewellery for Christmas may seem one of those old cliches but for me, and many others, jewellery can be a gift so personal and so meaningful that the item and the memory stays with you forever.

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

I don’t own much jewellery but what I do own has a very special place in my heart.   A ring, bought my Grandmother as a graduation present.   A rose gold unicorn pendant; a Christmas gift from my brother & sister in law which I believe (for no particular reason) brings me good luck.   A pair of crushed pearl earrings, my great grandmothers; they are clip on earrings and hurt my ears.  Yet they mean the world to me.

My favourite piece of jewellery is a small silver pendant necklace from Tiffany’s.   My now-husband bought it as a Christmas present for me.  It was the first Christmas we spent together and he’d hidden it in a ironing box.   ‘It’s a super light-weight iron.’ He told me as I opened the present.   I was baffled as to why he’d bought me an iron, until I opened the box and revealed the Tiffany Blue gift bag.

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

Many people would be ecstatic to receive a piece from Tiffany’s.  And indeed, I was.   But it isn’t just the necklace itself that makes me love this piece so much.  Its the time, thought and effort that went into picking it.   Iain had been in the US with work earlier that year.  He travelled across 6 states (both east and west coast) on business in just 6 days.  He had 2 hours free from meetings when in New York and those two hours were spent going to Tiffany’s.

He will be the first to tell you that style simply isn’t his thing.   He doesn’t have a clue nor an interest.   He still wears his ‘Body of God – shame its Buddha’ t-shirt with pride.   I personally love that t-shirt, but it is not stylish in the slightest.  Yet despite this lack of style, Iain took the time to think through the type of jewellery I normally wear.  He thought about the fact that I wear muted jewellery; small intricate items in classic gold or silver.   And he chose the pendant necklace based on that.

I wear that necklace whenever I’m away from Iain.  It reminds me of him and makes me feel like he’s close, even when we’re on different continents.

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

So, when picking jewellery for a loved one this Christmas, take some time to think about what they normally wear:

What will make them smile?

What animal do they have an affinity with?

What colour do they normally wear?

Do they normally wear delicate items? Or large statement pieces?

I also think its worth thinking about a memory that means a lot to you both.

My sister-in-law bought me a unicorn necklace because she know’s I want a pony.  Having a horse again is my life’s dream so she went one step further and bought me a unicorn.   She knows me well.

Charms are great way of ensuring a piece of jewellery that can mean something to both

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

The earrings I’m wearing in this post are from The Jewel Hut who have a startling array of jewellery.   They are the Pandora Cubic Zirconia Snowflake earrings that feel incredibly festive.  They are very much my style of earring; silver adorned with the subtle shimmer of the zirconia stones.  They are classic, timeless and intricately beautiful.

For me, they make the most wonderful little present.

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide


Do you have a piece of jewellery with a story?   Something that means more to you than merely money?

And if not, what piece would you like to receive this Christmas?



16 thoughts on “Frost Yourself with The Jewel Hut

  1. Other than my engagement and wedding rings, I wear very little jewellery. I kind of got out o the habit after having small children around! I love statement pieces though, and the snowflake earrings are beautiful 🙂


  2. Some lovely pieces. My brother in law gave his girlfriend a lot of kitchen stuff the other year for Christmas and I was convinced there must be a ring or something hidden amongst them, but there wasn’t (it didn’t last much longer as a relationship). Glad you had something nicer in your iron box.


  3. Jewellery is always a good option as you said it takes time and thought to choose something they’ll love. Such a lovely story about how your husband bought your necklace x


  4. I love that he spent his time off buying you a Tiffany’s necklace, what an angel! These earrings are lovely, I have a couple of pairs of Pandora ones from the jewel hut, they tend to be my Christmas present from my partner


  5. I’m don’t tend to where my Jewellery myself but like you the ones I do wear have special meaning. It’s lovely that wearing the necklaces reminds you of Ian when you miss him. The snowflake earrings look so pretty


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