Valentines Day Lingerie

Valentines Day Lingerie

Valentines is a funny time of year. The shops are filled with sickly pink hearts and you can’t get through the cosmetics session of John Lewis without being spritzed by 1000 types of perfume meant to make your dream partner fall in love with you. It’s all in the smell my friends…. right?

As you can probably tell, I’m not a huge Valentines fan. I believe in celebrating love every day, not just because Clintons Cards tell you too. Because, for me, love is in the little things.

The cup of tea in bed on a Saturday morning. The gentle stroking of a hip whilst reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The occasional millionaire shortbread that turns up from my favourite bakery.

However, Valentines gives the perfect excuse for new lingerie (because I really need an excuse for new lingerie). In the past, I’ve created an elaborate valentines look book for your pleasure. This Valentine’s however, I’m sticking to a wish list. A Charli recommends. My lingerie wardrobe is positively over flowing and a little clean out is needed before investing in new lingerie. I guess my attempted at being more sustainable and more minimal are starting to overflow into my lingerie collection.

Fuller bust lingerie perfect for Valentines - a valentines day shopping guide for the plus size woman.   DD plus bras and lingerie.

Never fear though … frivolous, overpriced robs aren’t going anywhere …

The Valentines Lingerie Edit

I know that red is cliche for valentines. But it is my favourite colour. There is just something so overtly opulent about a deep red. It screams confidence and, if I’m wearing it, I feel more confident.

The Elomi Sachi

And what I’m wearing?

Fuller bust lingerie perfect for Valentines - a valentines day shopping guide for the plus size woman. DD plus bras and lingerie.

Its the Elomi Sachi and one of my favourite bras for both comfort and beauty. The bra is a soft cup with a subtle plunge shape made from a three-part construction. There is a harness detail at the neckline and mesh illusion panel. The bra offers fairly full coverage and I love the harness detail peeking out from underneath t-shirts and shirts.

The back band is wide and supportive and there are high side panels that tuck any misplaced breast tissue back into place. The knickers are high waisted with mesh panels that echo the strapping effect of the bra.

Elomi is, perhaps, the most consistently sized brand when it comes to their bras. They are firm in the band and a little more generous in the cup. I’m a 36GG in all but one of their bras and the Sachi is no different. The 36GG is a perfect fit on me with breasts sitting high and full in the soft cups.

I adore this bra … and definitely need to consider how the leopard version would fit in with my wardrobe!

Now, which items will you be wearing this Valentine’s day?

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