Styling a Spring Dress

Charli wears a plus size vintage spring dress layered with a white polo neck

With this crazy rollercoaster of weather that we’ve been having, it may feel as though summer has come and gone already. But we are truly in the midsts of spring. And with the blossom comes the re-emergence of the spring dress and the need to wear it no matter what the weather is doing.

It is really an essential in any spring/summer wardrobe. A simple, timeless, spring dress that can be worn multiple ways across the summer seasons.

Whether it be long or short, fitted or floating, patterned or plain, the spring dress should be versatile to cope with the strange fluctuations in weather and see you through from April to October.

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This vintage dress fits just the bill. A dress like this will never go out of style and I can pull it out of the wardrobe time and again, year after year. Already this year, I have worn this dress through blustery sea-storms and bright, summery days.

But how do you dress a lightweight, cotton, spring dress for all weathers?

Layering a spring dress

I hate to state the obvious but layer is the only way to make a spring dress work across the seasons.

A long-sleeved jumper or shirt worn beneath a summer dress instantly adds warmth whilst looking chic. To play it safe and classic, layer a top that matches the colours of your dress, giving a simple continuance of the tones already at play.

For a braver look, chose a contrasting colour or a bold print. This works really well with simple black spring dress layered over an animal print or vibrantly coloured polo neck or shirt.

Wearing a jumper over the dress also works really well. I like to crop my jumpers at the waist, creating a break point at my smallest point.

To do this, I roll a jumper around the waist belt of the dress to safely secure it. You can see me doing this in my recent IGTV post here.

Add a jacket

I love to contrast a pretty, floaty dress with a tougher feel. A military or biker jacket acts as the perfect contrast to more feminine style.

When adding a jacket, I like to play with proportions. A wide-shoulder biker jacket with boxy proportions, cropped at the waist gives an edgy to the floaty skirt. It provides a contrast to the nipped waist of the vintage style.

For a more feminine look, pair the dress with a slim fitting long-line coat or cardigan of a similar hem-length.

For a look like this, I love to choose a contrasting colour to the dress. It creates a colour pop. I also pair long-line layering with a pair of heels to further elongate the silhouette and give that seamless feel to the outfit.

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