Wear the Swimsuit – with BraStop

Charli poses in a gingham bikini on a stone wall in Tuscany.

How many times have you gone to dip your toes in the pool? Dressed in a swimsuit, covered with a kaftan? How many times have you stopped yourself from taking the plunge? How many times have you thrown off the kaftan; revealing your belly, arms, bottom, and thighs to the world? For too many of us, we have not thrown off that kaftan enough!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a kaftan. But how many times have we hidden beneath it? How many times have our fears and insecurities held us back from trying something new during the summer months?

I am the prime example. I have always wanted to try water sports – paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing. I’m sure I’ll be ridiculous at the later, my balance is far from being desired. But it hasn’t been my balance that has stopped me doing it. It is my looks.

I know that sounds ridiculous. I prance about in underwear, on camera, all the time. But the idea of stripping off to my bikini, and then trying to squish myself into a wetsuit, is terrifying to me. Immediately it will set me as different to the other people there. And these are insecurities that we all have. Fear of being different. Fear of standing out from the crowd.

But in reality, who is looking? People are too busy enjoying themselves, trying new things, worrying about their own balance or looks, or wondering where their kids have run off to this time. I’m sure that we, and our bodies, are the very last thing on their minds. So how about, this summer, we make a promise to ourselves? To not let our body insecurities bring us down or to stop us from doing something we’ve always wanted to?

Promises to myself this summer

I promise to wear the swimsuit whenever I want … not just at the beach or the pool, but in the park or by the river.

I promise to throw away the kaftan or cover up when it is too warm to wear one – why suffer in the heat because I sometimes dislike my arms.

I promise to swim when I want to swim – wherever I want to swim. Because will people really notice or care if I go for a swim in the river on a sunny day?

I promise to try water sports – paddle boarding or kayaking. Hopefully both. Just watch this space!

I promise to practice yoga on the beach where the water laps against the shore.

The Flirtelle Coastline Bikini

And the bikini I’m wearing in these pictures? It is the Flirtelle Coastline in Berry Gingham from BraStop. I’m wearing the Padded Balconette version in a size 36HH which is a brilliant fit which suggests you may need to size up one cup size for a good fit. This is very standard in the Flirtelle range which comes up slightly shallow in the cups.

The bikini is comfy and supportive with great uplift thanks to the moulded cups. The briefs are high waisted with full coverage in the matching gingham print. It is a timeless and classic bikini that, at time of writing, is on sale for just £32 for the set. The range also comes in a mono-pattern as well as tankini and brief variations.

Shop the Flirtelle Coastline range

I also promise to keep you updated on all my summer activities and adventures. For more regular updates, make sure to follow me on instagram where I post almost daily snippets of my life. Now tell me, what promises do you make to yourself this summer?

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