Changeable Boobs

Charli stands on a roof terrace overlooking Dartmoor wearing the Asquith Balance Bra.

If you’re a woman with hormones, then you probably know all about changeable boobs. Those heavy swollen days when even your comfiest bra feels like a torture device. So what do you wear on those days? I always go for a balance bra!

I’m in a strange flux with my boobs right now. They’re growing, quite quickly. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and my changeable boobs are at the height of change. They’re sore, they’re heavy, they’re tender, and my nipples are huge. It’s like an exaggerated pre-period boob-day, only it’s not going away.

Even my comfiest bras, normally reserved for long commutes from Devon to London or for travelling when luggage is restricted, feel more like an iron maiden than supportive friends. Thankfully, the Asquith Balance bra has come to the rescue!

The Asquith Balance Bra

Charli stands on a roof terrace overlooking Dartmoor wearing the Asquith Balance Bra.

I’ve long been a fan of Asquith, the ethical activewear company that creates beautiful and functional bamboo yoga tops and leggings. I have featured them many times, both on my blog and on my instagram. Their ethical yoga clothes have become a staple of my wardrobe and I cannot recommend their range enough.

So, after a week of boobs so painful I just wanted to walk around hugging them to myself, I contacted Asquith to see if I could try their new design balance bra. And I am not disappointed.


The balance bra is made from a simple one-piece construction with contrasting piping and a deep, elasticated under-boob band. It has a racer back and wide shoulder straps. The bra is constructed as a single piece crop top that pulls on over your head and, as such, isn’t adjustable in the back band or shoulder strap.

The balance bra is made from Bambor, a bamboo and cotton blend that is sustainable, breathable, and chemical free.


Made predominantly from bamboo, the bra’s fabric is thick and, therefore, offers reasonable support – even to my 36H breasts. Unlike previous iterations of this bra, it does not come with built in foam cups. This means that my breasts hang naturally in the fabric with just a subtle uplift from the material. The freedom that this allows means my boobs hang comfortably and without irritation.

The firm fabric is supportive enough for daily wear and has also seen me through gentle yoga and stretching. I won’t advocate for high impact exercise in this bra if, like me, you’re of the fuller bust size range.

Charli stands on a roof terrace overlooking Dartmoor wearing the Asquith Balance Bra.


I’ll be perfectly honest that I’m not entirely sure what bra size I am right now. I’m usually a 36GG/H but those bras are not sitting right on me at the moment and, until things even out a bit, I’m willing to spend time finding a better fit.

However, the good thing about the balance bra is that it’s sized to your clothing, not your bra size and there is some stretch to the bamboo material which means it can accommodate differing sizes. I’m wearing the XL which equates to a size 16 and, as you can see, my boobs are safely encompassed within the material of the bra without any spillage or bulging.


If you haven’t realised already, this bra is comfortable. Extremely comfortable. The breathable fabric means that you hardly know you’re wearing it and the light-stretch means your movement is unrestricted. I have scarcely taken this bra off since receiving it and, even on the days when my boobs are at their most swollen and sensitive, I have felt at ease in this bra.

Charli stands on a roof terrace overlooking Dartmoor wearing the Asquith Balance Bra.

The balance bra isn’t the cheapest on the market, retailing at £45. The bra is, however, sustainably and ethically produced by an independent UK company and so comes with a feel good factor that goes beyond the comfort of your boobs. For me, the ethics of this bra coupled with the fit and support it offers, means it’s worth the extra investment. Especially given the amount it is being worn!

The items featured in this post have been gifted by Asquith for the purpose of review.   All thoughts and experiences remain true to my own findings. 

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